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11 Relationship Fears Every Guy Secretly Has, Yes Your Guy Has These Fears

Date: 2018-11-27 11:15:59

By Abhishek

Yes, we do!!

It's not ONLY the thing of girls, we guys as well have some fears which we obviously don't want to show to our girls, for the reason, that we don't want them to feel the stimulation which we face sometime down the memory lane. Being in a relationship is easy but maintaining it until the end is a roller coaster ride, however, we guys know we have to make it super-duper exciting ride.

But here we tried to put out all the fears which most guys go through about a relationship:

1. We guys are more open to show our affection and feelings to our mate, and in return, we too expect some care and love from her as well but in reality, we have to struggle a lot which sometimes becomes a barrier while showing our endearment.


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2. And because of this our abiding fear is about, what to say and how to say? Our mind focuses more on how they will react to if we say something or anything.

Oh god, confusion!


3. Will we be talking the same as we used to talk earlier? We hope we do!


4. We are afraid of whether they will like our choices of dinners and most importantly, will they accept us if we will go in our pajamas to meet them?

We hope so! Are we hoping right?


5. Sometimes we realize, whether our relationship is running on one tire, or are we both as an individual are interested in going together forever?

Because one-sided love is not what we want!


6. Our whole life we stayed as single and without any relationship experience and pieces of advice, will we be able to get in a committed relationship?

This fears us to the toe.


7. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, the world knows it and so do we guys. And we really hope, she does not smoke because obviously, we cannot tell her to quit smoking because it is individual's choice (she might get defensive) but at least we can pray that she does not (yes, for her good health)!


8. We hope, we will be able to convince their father and their siblings, although this situation is way tougher than our UPSC papers!


9. Gymming and girls rarely go together hand in hand, so, after coming in a relationship, we expect, ahem, GYM, please??

We will be allowed, right girls?
Thank you so much!


10. Will they not call us by our names? Itne ache naam rakhein hai gharwalo ne!

What? Don't; please don't tell that they will call us by babu, jaanu, sweetu names.

Aren't they so gross? We will set some new name like Deepika-Ranveer has DeepVeer, Priyanka-Nick has NickYanka.


11. The only thing which goes hand in hand with girls is shopping and with guys, it is completely opposite. Imagine, Month is about to end, you are dead broke (ok it's not about month end, we are always broke) and she utters, 'let's go for shopping'.

Guys, get your credit cards ready (*Condition - if the bank gives you.)


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