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11 Things A Girl Does When She Goes On A Diet

Date: 2019-06-18 21:46:37

By Priyanshi

As we know every girl wants to look and be fit and healthy, but when we talk about it in a simpler manner they want to lose weight and want to maintain a particular body shape to look good. Dieting leads to a healthy diet and intake of good nutrition, which in turn helps to avoid problems like obesity, diabetes, etc.

There are people when they see delicious food items can't stop themselves and break their dieting practice, but there are also people who control themselves and stay with their plans. There is proper planning done before dieting and here we will especially talk about girls dieting practices.

Here are 11 things girls do when she goes on a diet:

1. Check on themselves regularly.

They continuously look at their weight and try to make new plans for dieting to lose weight quickly.


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2. Find inspiration from other's diet plans.

Girls often see images of other girls which are fit and try to determine to make the same shape and weight by doing proper dieting.


3. They have their plan sorted.

Girls take in healthy and proper nutritional food, avoiding all that junk so that they can cheat some days.

4. Say no to dinner outings.

Whenever they go out to have dinner they say that they won't have food as to follow up their plans and not get distracted.


5. Comparison drives them.

Girls compare themselves with other girls and try to be better than other girls and look beautiful, healthy and fit.


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6. Blame the plan.

When there is no change in their weight, and shape, they usually say the dieting plan was wrong and then they make new plans and try to be on those plans.


7. Exercise is a must.

They get crazy for workout. Girls do regular exercise with a healthy intake of food and they also make a chart of physical activities. They are their own trainers in those days.


8. The world has to know.

Girls want that everyone should know about their dieting so they put stories, snaps and things of their healthy food and gym workout.



9. Their idea of meals changes once they start dieting.

They try to be away from delicious and unhygienic food in order to be healthy and take meals like salads, fruits, a lot of water, proteins, soups, etc. They consume this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


10. Inspiration from knowledge.

Girls try to inspire everyone around to do dieting and let them know the advantages of dietings. They also seek medical help while dieting, and try to lose weight efficiently.


11. Regularity.

Every girl plans of dieting for 1 month, 2 months, a year, but not everyone is to cope up and complete their plans and most of the girls leave their dieting plans in between. They accept themselves as healthy and think they don't require dieting as they look so beautiful.


Dieting is required in daily life, but to a certain limit and overdoing of dieting leads to a lot of problems and so I request every girl out there that you all look beautiful in your own ways and no one needs transformation.


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