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11 Things Singles Don't Want To See On Valentine's Day

Date: 2019-02-09 14:40:12

By Mansha

For singles, Valentines Day is like life without water. They are unable to breathe under the romantic air and cheesy lifestyle like people roaming with hand in hand, everything decorated in red even gym (can you imagine? Yuck) and people planning horrible, too mushy-mushy surprises.

There are many things, which singles hate to watch before valentines and during valentine's week because it all makes them bilious and dizzy.

Today I have come with the list that singles hate to witness during valentines week and day...

Decorated malls:

Have you ever been to the mall on Valentines Day? If yes then you can guess what I am talking about. Those red furs' hanging on the ceilings, heart balloons stuck on every shop's entrance and don't forget buy 1 get 1 drink free offer at every lounge and bar.
"Matlab, singles paise bhare aur mingles maze udaye? Yeh kaha ki insaafi hai?"


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Offers at salons:

Salons are no less to make singles feel nightmarish about being single because they will come up with crazy and out of the box ideas for all the couples like 50% off on couple spa, "Partner ki photo dikhao aur waxing free" and what not.
"Matlab hum singles toh pagal hai..."


Can't handle couples:

Turn to right, couples. Turn to left, couples and see straight again you will see only couples. It feels as if Valentines Day should be a couple's parade. This year, we request all the couple to remain indoor for god's sake.


Instagram and Facebook posts:

Have you seen all those posts "Tag your love if you love him or her the most" or every other cheesy post, if yes then you will feel me? This year, we singles request all the page handlers to please feel mercy against us.


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Our committed friends:

To our "So much in love" friends, please plan your surprises while staying away from us and stop asking us our ideas because we don't enjoy it and we can never enjoy it until we are single. Stop making us cry during this week of love.


Valentine's sale:

This starts much before valentine's week when we will receive automated messages from every store regarding valentine's sale. "End of the season sale bol do, valentines sale bolna zaruri hai?"



Valentine's gifts:

To all those online vendors, stop sending us photos of your handcrafted or customized gifts because we have no one to gift those cards, boxes, and god knows what all. Leave us alone for god's sake...


Make out sessions:

We singles go to theatres to watch movies thinking, we need a break from all the couples but hey, on valentines, couples are everywhere. This year, we really want our theatres to be only for watching movies and not for your make-out sessions. Buy a room, kiddos...


Valentines themed parties:

All the nightclubs and good lounges have Valentines themed parties too to make us jealous. This year, please arrange single themed parties with extra booze and non-stop food then you will see what the real party is.


The whole Valentines week:

Kiss day, promise day, hug day, teddy day, propose a day and blah blah blah... "ek hi din mein sab karke khatam karo na".


Stop asking us about our plans:

Be happy about your plans, why to make us feel more vulnerable by asking us about our Valentines Day plans. We are single and for us, this day is not special as it is for you, so back off...



As a single and seeing all the couples around me, I feel now it is the time to make my account on "shaadi.com". If you feel the same then let us know in the comment section below.

Until next time my readers, toodles!!

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