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11 Tips For Online Dating Will Surely Get You Some Matches

Date: 2019-04-20 14:08:29

By TabloidXO Writers

When dating used to be in an old-fashioned way of meeting, getting to know each other stuff and "bam" you both connect to be with each other, but as things are going towards virtual way where everything is online including dating, things need to be fair and right. Online dating should have a particular process and a way to make it fair and real for the other person, because we all know, online things are spam too sometimes and if everything is ethically right then it should be in a way that you would able to win the heart of another person just through your bio or first few meetings.

So today, I have come with tips for online dating. How can you win the game of dating...

Keep your bio as real as you:

Don't try to write something which is not real, but you wrote only to show yourself "cool" because once you will meet that person, he or she would not be able to connect with you because of your fake bio. Do justice with your bio, people.


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Don't edit your pictures too much:

Keep your display picture normal and without any fashionable editing on it because every person wants to see a natural photo of his or her prospective partner. So don't try to ruin it by uploading your "plastic" picture because that will be the biggest turn-off for any person.

Don't trust blindly:

We all know online things are not safe. We all must have heard the murder, theft or any dangerous story, so, just to be safe, take your friend along with you on your first meeting because no one knows who is the real person behind that profile picture. Keep your eyes and ears open and if you feel any danger then run away.


Don't look desperate:

Don't run after that person by continuously messaging or calling that person. If he or she is not replying after your first text, then don't show yourself as a creep, give them their space and walk off from their profile. Look for better matches.


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Don't search them on different social platforms:

This will only ruin things because no one likes being stalked by a stranger. Keep your game high by playing fair, talk to him or her through application till they give their approval of going to other platforms.

Let them choose the place:

Don't show yourself as a controlling freak; listen to the list of places where they want to have dates with you. In this way, they won't feel controlled by some kind of a crazy person because everyone wants to feel free especially when it comes to relationships.

Don't bring your ex's topic:

This would be the biggest turn off people. So don't bring "how many relationships you had" questions because that will only make surroundings weird and uncomfortable. Talk about new things and get to know each other better.


Offer to pay the bill:

Why should always boys pay the bill? Girls, this point is for you. Offer to pay and pay even though he says no because that will only make your game better.


Don't ask for photos or videos:

This will only make his or her trust fade away with time because no one likes to be judged on his or her outer appearance. Get to know them from inside and if you will feel "connected" then go for it.


Accept flaws:

Online dating can never be perfect, so, if you are dating online, then learn to accept flaws and make a peace out of it.

Don't take it lightly:

Only because you met that person through online, don't take them for granted. If you have real feelings, then only take that forward or else make it quits.


Happy Online Dating, People!


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