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11 Things Girls Are Curious To Know About Guys.

Date: 2019-07-31 17:58:58

By Mansha

There are some things about men, which are still hidden behind the bushes and every girl wants to know about it, but answers are still to be found which, men are not interested in answer them, as they are confused creatures.


Girls are not only curious, but also looking forward to knowing them for better bonding and friendship with their special someone's.

We have come with the little things; every girl wants to know about guys as sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand men.

Here are things girls are curious to know about guys...

Is there anything like being "momma's boy" or it is a myth? We would need to know the real truth...


Why can't they remember important dates? How difficult it can be to save them on their mobile phones if not on their minds because it does matter to us...



Why they hide their feelings behind their so-called, "strong personality"? Being emotional and having a soft corner doesn't make you less of a man instead, we will respect and love you more for that...


What is up with your love of cricket because when you are busy watching it, the rest of the world doesn't matter to you, not even us? We really need to know what cricket has which we don't have?


Why they are so scared of commitments? We look forward to new married life, but the topic of marriage scares the shit out of you, what exactly goes in your mind? Let us know so that, we can plan our future according to it...


Why you guys think, drinking alcohol defines your manhood? If you don't like drinking, you don't have to pretend to like it. We really want to know the reason behind drinking in excess and regretting it later...


What exactly you guys are looking for in a relationship because we get confused between your physical attraction and other things?


What exactly makes you, stare at us? Some people say, our curves, but we are curious to know from your mouth...


Why you guys get so over-possessive after a certain period of time? What exactly gets into you, we are curious to know about your doubts on us...


Why being single kills you because of which, you get into meaningless relationships? We want to know the reason behind your meaningless relationships...


Last but not the least which every woman out there is dying to listen to the answer from you: "Do you really think of sex every night or this is just the wrong assumption about you?"...


Every girl is curious to know the answer of above-mentioned questions, but deep inside, we are pretty sure we won't get one because guys don't know themselves. Are we right, guys? If not, prove us wrong this time by giving us our answers...

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