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12 Popular Laxmmi Bomb Dialogues You Must Read.

Date: 2020-11-11 14:03:36

By Srishti

Superstar Akshay Kumar's recent release film on the OTT platform has created a new record by breaking the Sushant Singh Rajput's Dil Bechara movie. Akshay Kumar's "Laxmii" broke viewership record on Disney+ Hotstar.

The film is a remake of his Tamil movie Kanchana and is directed by Raghava Lawrence.

The dialogue delivery in the movie has garnered a lot of applause and whistles from the audience.

Here are 12 best Laxmii movie Dialogues | Laxmmi Bomb Dialogues:

  1. "Tera Pati Hai Na Haraami, Tedha Hai Par Tera Hai."
  2. laxmmi bomb dialogues

  3. "Problem Aur Solution Ka Faasla Sirf Ghutne Aur Jameen Tak Ka Hota Hai Aur Aagar Ek Baar Sajda Kiya Toh Problems Khatam."
  4. laxmmi bomb dialogues

  5. "Mujhse Panga Liya Hota Toh Karma Hisaab Karta Magar Tune Mere Apno Se Panga Liya Esleye Abh Mai Karma Hu."
  6. laxmmi bomb dialogues

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  7. "Jaldi Karte Hai Ke Nahi Ya Daalu Ghutna Pant Mein."
  8. laxmmi bomb dialogues

  9. "Main Iss Area Ki Queen Hoon... Queen Hoon... Live Life Queen Size."
  10. laxmmi bomb dialogues

  11. "Aavam Koh Jagane Waale Insaan."
  12. laxmmi bomb dialogues

  13. "Hum Yaha Unhe Impress Karne Aaye Hai Bhoot Bhagane Nahi."
  14. laxmmi bomb dialogues

  15. "Are Mein Aap Se Milna Aaya Tha Aap Allah Ko Pyaare Ho Gaye?"
  16. laxmmi bomb dialogues

  17. "Bhoot Voot Nahi Hota, Marne Ke Baad Aatma Koh Shanti Mil Jaati Hai."
  18. laxmmi bomb dialogues

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  19. "Jis Din Sach Mein Mere Saamne Bhoot Aaya Naa Toh Maa Kasam Chudiyaan Pehen Lunga Chudiyaan."
  20. laxmmi bomb dialogues

  21. "Iss Bimari Ko Sciophobia Kehte Hai, Fear Of Shadow, Yaani Parchayee Se Darna."
  22. laxmmi bomb dialogues


  23. "Haath Kyun Lagata Hai Sharam Nahi Aati?"
  24. laxmmi bomb dialogues

    Design Credits: Richa.


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