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12 Heartwarming Piyush Mishra Poetry Is Ready To Make You Fall In Love With His Shayari.

Date: 2019-10-20 12:04:16

By TabloidXO

We know Piyush Mishra as an actor, singer, and lyricist but above these finesses, he is a great poet too, who with his magic of words will stay in your heart forever. If you are a Zakhmi (wounded) dil (heart), then his poetry is going to stick with your broken heart and will make you all the more easy and more loving.

piyush mishra poetry
His heart touching songs is every millennial favorite now and his quotes/poetry are so soulful which can even awake the cold hearts.

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We hand-picked 12 best Piyush Mishra shayaris that describe love, heartbreak, and life with his flawless wit.

  1. Har Insaan Bikta Hai Is Duniya Me,
    Kitna Mehnga Ya Sasta, Ye Uski Majbooriyat Tey Karti Hai.
  2. piyush mishra poetry

  3. Pehle Bole Ki Baat Karo
    Jo Baat Kari To Bigad Gaye
    'To Kyon Bola Ki Baat Karo'
    'Maine Kab Bola' Mukar Gaye
    Phir Khud Bole 'saath Chalo'.
  4. piyush mishra poetry

  5. Kaise Kare Hum Khud Ko Tere Pyaar Ke Kaabil,
    Jab Hum Aadatein Badalte Hai, Tum Sharte Badal Deti Ho.
  6. piyush mishra poetry

  7. Raaton Ko Chalti Rehti Hain Mobile Pe Ungliyan,
    Seene Pe Kitaab Rakh Ke Soye Kaafi Arsa Ho Gya.
  8. piyush mishra poetry

  9. Aaj Maine Phir Jazbaat Bhejhe,
    Aaj Tumne Phir Alfaaz Hi Samjhe
  10. piyush mishra poetry

  11. Kursi Hai, Koi Janaza Toh Nahi.
    Kuch Kar Nahi Sakte, Toh Utar Kyo Nhi Jate?
  12. piyush mishra poetry

  13. Dard Ki Baarish Mein Hum Akele Hi The,
    Jab Barsi Khushiyan Na Jaane Bheed Kahan Se As Gayi
  14. piyush mishra poetry

  15. Gussa Aadmi Se Bahut Kuch Karwata Hai,
    Aur Yeh Love Hai Na Love? Ye Sirf Marwata Hai.
  16. piyush mishra poetry

  17. Ajeeb Dastoor Hai Mohabbat Ka,
    Rooth Koi Jaata Hai, Toot Koi Jaata Hai.
  18. piyush mishra poetry

  19. Vo Kaam Bhala Kya Kaam Huai Jismein Saala Dil Ro Jaye,
    Vo Ishq Bhala Kya Ishq Hua Jo Aasani Se Ho Jaaye!
  20. piyush mishra poetry

  21. Agar Bewafaaon Ke Sar Par Singh Hote,
    Toh Meri Waali Aaj Barasingha Hoti.
  22. piyush mishra poetry

  23. Aukat Nahi Thi Zamaane Mein Jo Meri Keemat Laga Sake,
    Kambaqt Ishq Mein Kya Gire, Muft Mein Neelaam Ho Gaye.
  24. piyush mishra poetry

    There is no one like Piyush Mishra, he is the master of every talent.

    Graphics Credit: Chakshita.

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