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12 Rules On How To Be A Gentleman.

Date: 2019-11-04 17:11:17

By Mansha

Any boy can be a man, but a real gentleman is hard to find. There are many definitions of a real gentleman, but to turn into one needs practice, knowledge, and humor.

Many men ask, how to be a real gentleman in the eyes of the girls and ladies? Today, you will get the answers to it because such things do matters to the girls when it comes to finding the right gentleman.

There are no rules for it, but there are definitely some points which only a few men know about it and if you want to be one of them then keep reading.

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Say no to the dowry because real men, accept their love in even two pieces of clothes. Real gentlemen would give her everything from his own hard work and money...

how to be a gentleman

Respect her decision of "NO" and don't disturb her by being a creep.

Never use cuss words for a girl, whether she is at fault or not. Be polite and deal maturely.

Don't look at the most beautiful girl at the bar instead try to find the right one for you irrespective of the looks...

Don't fake your feelings for a girl just for some fun because girls have feelings too...

Never ever have sex with someone who is not much into you as you are into them...

how to be a gentleman

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Respect your parents and never take them for granted. Be a kind son and fulfill their every wish as they did when you were young. Now, it is your time to give them their share of freedom and love...

Stop acting like a teenager who passes out at every party after getting hell drunk because it is not cool for us...

If someone has invited you to his or her house, never show up empty-handed. It is a courtesy, which everyone should follow...

how to be a gentleman


If you are the host of the party, make sure you eat after making people eat because perfect gentleman would always keep others first...

Shower everyday unlike those shabby boys, who take showers on alternate days. It is the most disgusting thing...

Real gentlemen would never get scared of the commitments. If you love someone, make a real commitment, hold her hand and build a small home of your own...

how to be a gentleman

Get the table manners right...

As a husband, help your wife with household chores like making a bed, cooking, and cleaning because it is not the job of only wives. Helping her would not make you any less of a man...

We hope these secrets will help you to turn out to be a perfect gentleman.


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