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12 Signs He Is A Sugar Daddy.

Date: 2019-10-14 11:30:41

By Mansha

"Sugar daddy?" Who is Sugar daddy? If you have are asking this question in your head, let me just introduce to you what Sudar Daddy means.

This term belongs to a man, who showers a young woman with expensive gifts in exchange for being in an intimate relationship as part of the transaction.

Yes, such things do exist and it pains to say, "such men are still out there who cheat on their wives with a young woman to have their desires fulfilled or to have a company to share feelings with".

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I have no intention to scare you, but there are few signs, which you should notice if you feel he is cheating on you.

Here are some signs that he is a sugar daddy:

  1. He suddenly starts speaking less to you. The only conversation he has with you are, about children or home.
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  3. He seems lost when you share your thoughts with him. He is in front of you, but his mind is somewhere else, he pays no attention to what you are saying...
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  5. He doesn't ask for your suggestions on anything. Suddenly, he seems all on his own...
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  7. Every night he makes excuses for coming home late from the work...
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  9. He never initiates of having any intimacy with you...
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  11. When you find random bills in the pockets of his jeans...
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  13. He avoids letting you have his phone...
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  15. He sleeps immediately after coming back from the work. There is no conversations or quality time...
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  17. All of a sudden, his Sunday's have become working or makes excuses for not being able to take you out for a family getaway...
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  19. He carries his phone everywhere he goes, to the washroom or even to his strict work out sessions...
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  21. He hardly pays attention to your looks or your special efforts you make for trying to get his attention back...
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  23. If he has started pinpointing your every little mistake which was nothing to him before, then...
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We would like to say, SHAME to every such man for leaving your beautiful and loyal life partner for short-term happiness. Mark my words, when you will be all old and alone, that young women would never hold your hand on your deathbed but that beautiful wife would.

Keep your priorities right.


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