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'Delhi Se Hun Bhenc***' Is Just One Sign For Knowing Delhi People, Check Out The Other 11 Signs

Date: 2018-11-01 23:14:54

By Manveen

"Dilli se ho?", "Haanji bilkul, aapko kaisa pata?"

Has it ever happened to you that without saying it out loud everybody around you knew that you are from Delhi?

"Wo kya haina Dilli waalon ki baat hi kuch aur hai", that is one statement nobody can deny. Truth triumphs above all and so does awesomeness and who is more awesome than Delhiites? Who,haan? (says like a 100% pure bred Delhite)

The first reason why we are we and well, others are others is because:

1.)100% Pure stud attitude.

We might look like we are just walking somewhere but in our heads there is "shanaya shanaya" playing in the background and we are always preparing ourselves for the future. Our future as celebrities with paparazzi's snaping us every minute and who would want to slouch then?

This "chin up princess or the tiara falls" concept was invented and adopted by Delhites,name better princesses than Delhites.


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2.)Self built Vocabulary.

See the thing is India is very diverse culturally and most other states have their regional languages so why deprive the capital of one too?

So us Dilli waale took it upon ourselves to naam roshan our city and built ourselves a language that amuses everybody from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, some of the popular words from it are "faad", "majje", "bhasad", "bhaii" , "totta" and a very elaborate dictionary can be sent to you on request.


3.)Our white blood cells have been replaced with MBC'S (Momo blood cells).

Did you know that Khichdi is considered as the national food of India? No? It is okay, it would not be for long anyway. We love momos so everybody else will love momos and very soon it will the national food of India. Yes, Tibet, you will lose momos' copyright to us.


4.)The Judgement.

It is not a Christopher Nolan movie but a verdict Delhites are entitled to pass on everybody walking by , you do not know this but we have been secretly anointed by the top intellectual agencies of india for this job."Dekh usne kya pehna hai?"" is our most common topic for thesis.


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5.)Gender does not exist.

See you have been living with a different impression of Delhi that it is unsafe and all but let me tell you gender does not exist in Delhi you could be a banda and you will be called "bhai" and you can also be a bandi and will still be called "bhai", where else in India have you seen such a modern and unbiased approach toward people?


6.)Uniform social lifestyle.

See uniformity is the key to secularity and secularity in every walk of life is the future. Be it the walks in foothills of Kasol or late night walks on hip nights in Hauz Khaz Village, all Delhites will have an instagram feed that shows their uniform and united nature. One weekend they are in Kasol, one in Ladakh, some other in Hauz Khas and other hip place so basically, we are the future, simple.


7.)Evolution of rides.

Just as humans evolved from monkeys in different stages so did our modes of transportation. First, you will spot Delhites on bicycles as children then on scooty's as teeagers and if they are not on a bullet as adults then they still are searching for some soul finding shit in Kasol.


8.)Loving nature.

You have made us famous for our MC's and BC's but have never looked at us for who we really are, loving and warm people. We can make anybody our relative. You guys refer to people via their jobs whereas we build relationships with them, "Bhai seat belt lagale aage maama khada hai" , see? That is the amount of love we have for our traffic police, we consider them as our maamaji.




All of us are grateful to science and technology but as Delhites, if there is one think we are most thankful fort is E-Rickshaw because "Chhoti ho ya bhaari, dus rupee savari".


10.)Staying true to our roots.

Say whatever you may but we love our culture and roots. The world has given us technology and apps and what not to make our lives convenient, for example : Ola, uber, etc but we still believe in a traditional approach to our lives. We stop autos with just one wave of our hands and hum sirf meter se hi chalte hain.


11.)Space issues.

As warm and welcoming as we are but if there is one space we will not share is our parking space. Take our personal space but do not touch our parking space. Wars have been fought and bled has been shed but not one parking spot has been given up ever.


12.)Competitive nature.

Most people love competition and everybody loves winning, right? We are no different than others on this. You try overtaking us while driving and will overtake you first and then chase you till your home. We always win.



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