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12 Signs That Shows Tumhara Budhapa Aagaya Hai.

Date: 2020-05-16 13:01:50

By Manveen

signs you are getting old

Do you have your 60-year old's pain in your 20's? Then mate, you have landed on the right page of this never-ending tale that this internet is. Endless, we tell you endless. It never ends and never makes sense, why are children so obsessed with it anyway? We are not those children. In fact, we are the other children who bitch about these kinds of children because, well, our age might shuffle in the twenties but we think we are old now.

Here are 12 Signs That Show Humara Budhapa Aagaya Hai.

1.) When your back hurts more than your heart. You would rather have a breakup than a knee cramp. Love hurts, but back hurts even more.

2.) When you are more worried about eating food on time than having a night out. A night out with friends means unlimited booze and no sense of rest. Well, you would rather be home and sleep at 10.


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3.) When you cannot climb two floors and realize what a waste of youth you are. Some fought for freedom, some started a revolution. Bhagat Singh sacrificed his life. Bose gave his life and we cannot climb two floors.

4.) Another reason for your Budhapa is, people can't guess your actual age because of your messy appearance and so they suppose your age to be near to 50 something.

5.) When you took your chances sleeping during a fire emergency. Was there ever a fire that broke out and everybody else evacuated the building for safety, but your sleep was so precious you just not woke up. You heard them, but you have seen enough. You would sleep even during the Tsunami.

6.) When you would rather stay at home and watch TV. Because it requires no human activity, no money expenditure and you do not feel tired the next day either.

signs you are getting old

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7.) If you're the younger sibling, people confuse you as the elder one. Isse zyaada kya budhaape ka hint hoga yaar?

8.) When you would order a meal that is worth the money than spend your money on a fake fancy cocktail that is 70% water with some leaves you cannot pronounce.

9.) When you realized that chai is a better companion than anybody else. Better than your friends, better than your colleagues. Better than whiskey, better than rum.

10.) When you get excited to go home with no plans on Friday. Everybody else at work might question you about your plans and make faces when you tell them you have none, but what do these kids know? They do not understand the sheer joy of sleeping for 16 hours straight.


11.) When staying with your parents sounds like the best option. Because if you are not going to look after them in their old age at least they should look after you in your hypothetical one.

12.) When you started buying the most basic clothes because nobody gives enough attention to you anyway, so why waste time ironing and grooming those clothes? Why struggle with body hair when you can wear a grandmother like prairie dresses.

signs you are getting old

Forever old, but still, you can't escape your budhaapa.


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