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12 Signs You Are With That Man Who Is 'Laakho Mein Ek'

Date: 2018-09-01 13:20:16

By TabloidXO Writers

Relationships are cute, but what makes it more cuter is when you get to meet that person which takes care of you, who makes you his priority more than anything. He knows about your likes and dislikes and adapt according to your preference and so does you do it for him.

If you like someone but still figuring out whether is he the one for you, these points will guide you which will make a clear picture in your mind.

1. He makes you ever ready happy, he is good at PJ's, humor and even, he will not feel shy if he has to crack a joke on himself because ultimately he wants to see you smile.


2. When you say "You are down", he knows all about it - the mood swings, bad pain, and all the stuff. He will take extra care of you, even, he won't mind in getting you more pads from the market.

He will always keep a check on how to make you chillax when you are depressed.



3. He supports you in all your life decisions, whether personal or professional. If you like to do something which for others might not be a great idea.

He will stand beside you and motivates you to shut everyone's mouth by pushing you to do the unexpected.


4. If he cooks and especially for you and no matter if he does not know the C of cooking, also, it doesn't have to be rajma-chawal or kadi-chawal.

But if he cooks ONLY for you, I am not joking pakadlo, chodna mat!
He is indeed laakho mein ek.


5. If he cares about your family, your friends and in return he gets the same from both the ends, Lucky you!!


6. Even if he listens to your talk very seriously, enjoy spending time with you, your friends, and family and vice versa, he is the one for you!


7. He will try to make your morning with loads of power, excitement, positivity, and happiness.

And also, before a Goodnight sleep, if you are restless, angry or annoyed of something, he will try his best to make you calm, compose and he will find out the solution instantly so that you can have a peaceful sleep.


8. He will not force you to change this thing or that thing in you. He cherishes the way you are.

No plus, No minus, you are just perfect for him.


9. When you are crying, he knows the reason whether you are crying which he actually should worry for or is it just the movie effect.


10. He takes you into consideration while taking his decisions.

If he takes your help in his decisions, it doesn't mean he is confused or he can't take his decisions...it's just that he consider your decisions as his priorities too.


11. For him you are always an angel to his eyes, even if your hair looks messy, your kajal is out of shape (don't get offended people, I am just saying), he will praise you by saying "You look so cute/hot/sexy/bomb, darling".


12. He will not hide anything from you.

He had a fight with anyone, any girl proposed to him, or he got scolded by the boss... each and everything he will share with you at the end of the day.


I am again saying to you girl, GRAB HIM! you will not get that gem of a person.

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