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Dating Advice: 12 Things People Do In A Relationship

Date: 2019-05-29 18:26:59

By Ritika

'Baby, let's go to that new Chinese place tomorrow naa!' 'But you know I hate Chinese food...' 'Baby please naaa' 'ugh, fine.'

Relationships come with a lot of things, especially with a best friend and a constant pillar of support. We laugh, fight, cry and do everything together. Here, we're listing you some dating advice that most of the people who are in a relationship do!

1. Have LOADS of food together.


You are each other's food buddies and the amount of food you have together, whether it is maggi or five-star hotel ka khaana, the amount of food you have is insane. Having dinner with them is a comfort and not an obligation.

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2. Rant about their respective lives to each other.


Coming back from work every day and going on and on about how the boss is being a bitch or how that friend of yours is really annoying your head out is not a routine anymore but rather a ritual.

3. Try out the most unexpected things together.


I would never, ever eat that weird Italian dish had it not been for my relationship. And that stupid, boring mela... never. However, when we're together, we try out the most unexpected things together and that is one of the most exciting things about our relationship.

4. Talk every night before bed.

Just to comfort each other and say that everything is going to be fine is the best feeling in the world. Telling how our days went or just that we love each other feels like heaven, especially when it is right before sleeping.

5. Have 'monthly' anniversaries.

While we're in the honeymoon phase, monthly anniversaries are actually a thing. And getting angry for them not remembering it is also a thing. But the best part is celebrating every little period spent with them because it is truly a pleasure.

6. Text good morning/good night.


'Good morning, baby. Have a good day!'' 'Sleep tight, good night.'' Starting the day with their thought and ending with the same is just some of the things about being in love with someone.

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7. Snuggle up.


Cozying up together, not saying anything but just cuddling and doing our own thing, maybe together feels like a whole. To feel the warmth of their body and talking about the deepest or the funniest things.

8. Be in a constant phase of missing.

IT'S BEEN FORTY MINUTES, I MISSED YOU. You miss them all the time, even if they are in the same house. You are just so used to them being around that now they just HAVE to be there all the time.

9. Compliment each other.


Both of you are the source of the other one's confidence. Constantly complimenting them, telling them how good they look or making them see all the good parts of them is very, very empowering. I can't emphasize enough about how good this feels.

10. Send each other quotes or pictures that remind you of them.

Scrolling through your Instagram feed and sending them quotes or movie scenes that remind you of them or walking somewhere and seeing that reference that he makes that you hate but sending it regardless because, hehe #8.

11. Wear each other's clothes.


This is where the term 'boyfriend jeans' came from. Getting into their super comfortable t-shirts and sweatshirts and roaming around like there's not a care in the world. He would take your beanie any day and go around too!


12. Pick things up that they love while shopping.


So, you went grocery shopping and saw that atta waale biscuits that they like, you pick them up. While coming back from your friend's party, you got those cupcakes packed for them and he brought that scented candle that you like.

Love is like that only, you do a lot of things without even realizing that you're doing it. And that feels nice. Comment below what all other things people in a relationship do!


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