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13 Signs You Are Mummy's Girl

Date: 2019-07-12 12:37:01

By Priyanshi

Even though you've grown up, your mom is still your best friend and go-to person for anything in life. You need her advice on anything and everything and she is in the favorites of your calling list!


Here are 13 more signs that you are definitely a mama's girl and will always be.

1. You call her every day, no matter what.

When you need to gossip or tell her what happened at work, or confess about your boyfriend - be it anything, you will call her and talk to her for hours. You can never run out of topics with her.


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2. You can't say NO to her.

You always want to be nice and respectful and while being that sometimes when your thoughts clash with her, you'll silently and happily obey it because you can't stand up to her.


3. You feel forever grateful for everything she's done.

If you are one of those who think you'll have to return the favor because she's done all of it for you and would want to make her proud, you are mama's girl and you're proud of it.


4. She is updated about your love life.

You have to tell her of your love interests and who proposed you or if you're dating. You like to listen to her advice and update her on your everyday love life.


5. You love to cook by her side.

You look forward to learning and making dishes with her because it's a fun and exciting activity to do. You love her company by your side.


6. You absolutely love to surprise her with gifts.

There's nothing more sublime than her happiness and you can go till any lengths for it. One thing that proves you're a mama's girl is that you love to surprise her casually.


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7. You still complain to her like a kid.

Doesn't matter you're a grown-up, you'll whine about the smallest of things to her because you know she will listen to it all. Sometimes you just want her to hear you out.


8. You can't stand a word against her.

You're ready to fight the whole world if needed, but you will never go against her. If anyone disrespects her, they would have to deal with you first. Your swords are always ready to shield her.


9. It kills you from the inside whenever you pick a fight with her.

It makes you genuinely sad that you had to raise your voice or do something that you know you'll regret later with your mom.


10. You expect her to pamper you the most when you come back home after a long time.

You will ask for it, but make sure that you get the love you think you deserve in bits. It's just cute that you expect her to pamper you the most. Totally a mama's girl!


11. Your mom is your everything.

You can't imagine a life without her and when you do, a tear or more rolls down your eye. You're emotionally connected to her and she is your ultimate superhero.



12. Your bond with her is tighter than fevicol.

You guy are inseparable, there is no circumstance or condition that can put you both apart. She knows you will stand by her even in the storm and vice versa. You guys work out the best balance.


13. You don't have to lie to her.

When you have a tight bond with her and tell her everything, there is no need of lying and you don't even enjoy doing it. You both are at peace or make each other in peace no matter what.


Life is too short, so hurry and apologize if you're regretting something because it's literally never too late with a mom. She is just everything you need to keep close in your life and if you believe it, you're definitely a mama's girl, be proud of it!


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