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13 Signs You A Born Actor/Actress.

Date: 2019-08-07 18:12:11

By Priyanshi

If mirror is your best friend and you vibe on old Bollywood classics and act out roles, you know you're a born actor. I mean all of us are born actors because at one point we've run out of excuses to tell our teachers why we're late or it was a stomach ache!

you are born actor

Here are 13 signs that you are a born actress and everybody acknowledges it:

1. If you've always been the drama queen of your group.

Your friends call you the Nakhrebaaz or the ultimate drama queen who would definitely get the most adventurous role if got on board with a movie. You're just too trendy in your actions.



2. When you're a big Bollywood junkie.

You've seen all the old and new movies, you are aware of all characters and villains, so can easily write a Wikipedia on any Bollywood movie out there. Song lyrics are on your tiptoe.

you are born actor

3. Always ready to pose.

Beach in, shirts out! Flipping hair in the wind you name it, they do it. If you love being in front of the camera, you're born an actor.


4. If you are dialogue-ready in every situation.

You know the famous and infamous dialogues by heart and can act that out with all emotions and woo anybody with it. You're the romantic one in the relationship, proposing your partner with the famous dialogues of movies.


5. When you prank your friends and they fall for it every time.

You're the ultimate prankster of the group and the best part is you fool them so well, they buy it every time.

you are born actor

6. When you can manage to persuade anyone easily.

Well, some talents you got to keep close so everybody believes you are indeed a born actor.


7. You imagine being on a talk show while you shower.

If you imagine being on the Ellen Show or any talk shows for that matter and daydreams about it when that's your entertainment while having a shower, then you're born an actor.


8. If you like to wear sunglasses in the dark (Rajnikanth).

If unraveling your inner Rajnikanth, killing sunglasses in the night to look all dapper is your style, you have a long way to go my friend.


9. If you enjoy the attention.

If you're someone who loves being around paparazzi and doesn't mind the attention, you're the perfect fit for an actor because the actor doesn't just mean acting. It's so much more than that and being in front of the media, to know what to say and speaking in front of big crowds is important.


10. If you're active on Musically then we all know what that's going to cost.

I mean there's a chance, in case you go big on Musically or platforms like such, just don't keep crying or laughing. If you have talents to show to the world, you're definitely getting somewhere.


11. You dream to be on those big billboards.

When you're driving past billboards of actors and famous personalities, you dream yourself and point out to your friend, "I'm going to be there, pal."


12. When you think you're in Fast & Furious while driving.

I mean it's every to-be heroes dream to have to play that scene and if you think you can pull that off confidently, then, my friend, you're a born actor.


13. You're a wannabe Fashionista.

I mean, if you're into fashion you already know how to carry and conduct yourselves and that's half job done as an actor.


So my friends, to unleash your inner actor, you know what you have, now go out there and showcase the world your inner talent! Because you're a born actor if at least 5 points collide with your personality.

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