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Most Common Struggles You Face During Winter.

Date: 2020-11-17 10:07:22

By TabloidXO

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It is November, which means Winter is here. Yes, all you Ned Stark fans, time of the year for you all! Some people love winter and the cold weather that comes with it. The ones on the hill station witness the snow and the dear beloved snowmen come to life, whereas the rest of us cuddle with our hot chocolate and a good book. However, the harshness of the weather cannot go unmissed either. And oh the possibility of getting sick!

Here are 13 Struggles Everybody Faces During Winters:

1. Flaky dry lips.

Yes, talk about it. Summers suck in India in most places, but at least you don't have to worry about moisturizing your lips every five minutes.

2. Hairstylist: Beanie.

Yeah, so if people ask you, where did you get your hair all messy or who has been dressing your hair lately? Just point out those beanies and barets.

3. Too cold versus too hot.

One leg in a blanket and the other out? Yes, that only. It is almost like cannot stay in a blanket for too long, but cannot even stay without. What do we do?

struggles in winter

4. Water.

Thought the too hot versus too cold ratio was an issue with blanket and quilts only? Well, have we all not spend so long in the bathroom like a mad scientist trying to balance out the water ratio?

5. Bath.

But the bigger question is, should you have to take a bath every day?
How many days can you go without taking a bath?
You can take bath alternatively, that is okay right?

6. Food.

Food has two issues, the first one is that you eat more in winter because you need more nutrition, okay, not a bad deal, but the other situation is that the food gets too cold too soon. Tea gets cold in a minute, coffee gets cold in a minute, life gets cold in a minute!

7. Cold and cough.

Oh, talk about it!
Sneezing all day, all night, coughing 4 into seven!

struggles in winter

8. Going to the loo in the middle of the night.

In winter, you can survive anything. In fact in life in general, you can survive anything but the courage and motivation it takes for one to get out of bed and blanket in the middle of night to take a piss, that is a fleet of heroes.

9. Rudolph the red nose deer.

Heard that Christmas carol, right? Yeah but this time you are the Rudolph. It is you with your winter sickness and red nose, sneezing all day!

10. Dry hands.

You think you can keep a moisturizer next to your bed and you can apply it regularly to keep your hands soft and moist but do you? Oh, the lies we tell ourselves!

struggles in winter

11. Extra sleep urges.

We hate Mondays for breaking off our sleep and all that, but the love we bear sleep in winters, we can marry our beds for god sake.

12. Classes/ Offices seem so far.

What do we hate the most? Classes and offices. What makes us hate them even more? Winter because we miss our bed.

13. Multiple layers.

Fashion bloggers have the best time in this weather, but for other people, it is just a nightmare. You walk like a wailing-living trunk full of clothes.

struggles in winter


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