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13 Things Girls Say And What They Really Mean

Date: 2018-10-08 14:08:35

By TabloidXO Writers

Boys, we are not, YES, WE ARE NOT!!

Every time we girls have to hear your exasperating phrase "You girls are so confusing!" OK maybe sometimes we do make you confuse but it's so normal, I mean it is so fun to make people scratch their mind, at least you should feel happy that we are helping you exercise your brain, because other than your gym workout your brain is really dumb... No? Ok, maybe not!! Don't take it to your heart.

So to all the guys out there, the glass is going to break and all the confusion is going to disappear because today I am going to list down some points which we girls say and what we really mean to say.

So hold on to your heartbeat and get set go to the ride of our SWAG:

1. What she says: Ya I am fine, I am not angry at all, chill.

What she means: I am angry at you and it's time that you start pampering me, else you will see the "new angry me".


2. What she says: I am almost done baby, just wait for 2 minutes

What she means: Baby, just wait for 2 minutes and I will be back in 2 hours. Till then have a cup of coffee and make it for me as well.



3. What she says: I am so happy that he (ex) is getting married.

What she means: Ouchh! Yes, I am totally hurt. Don't even talk about him again in front of me, "Yaad Ajati hai yar".


4. What she says: You never do any work of mine.

What she means: Chal Tu Phir Bewakoof Ban Gaya!


5. What she says: I will do arrange marriage.

What she means: I am giving you the hint idiot, flirt with me, and impress me.


6. What she says: I am happily single; my friends are my everything (although they are all in a relationship).

What she means: I mean yes they are, but I am still looking for someone special, anyone?


7. What she says: Hmmm

What she means: No


8. What she says: Yes

What she means: No


9. What she says: No

What she means: Obviously No.


10. What she says: Ya Sachi, I don't want anything on my birthday.

What she means: Ok ok, ask me just one more time and I promise I won't feel shy, Actually, I have listed out a page full of items which you can gift me.
"Aur ek bhi item skip nahi hona chahiye!"


11. What she says: No ewww...I don't even like him.

What she mean: Actually I do, please help me to get closer to him, please!


12. What she says: I just want a simple guy who loves me and NOTHING else.

What she means: I wanted a guy who is rich, tall, and dark. Who follows me while I am shopping and grab my bags, who pampers me, who cares for me and the most important thing, who makes me laugh.


13. Am I looking fat?

Even if I have had ate the whole god damn cheese burst pizza last night but still I want you to say "Yes baby you look so good because trust me "Issi mein tumhari bhalaai hai".


Thank me later, guys!

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