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13 Sexist Things About Women, People Need To Stop Saying It Right Now

Date: 2018-08-14 13:58:25

By TabloidXO Writers

Again and again, we have discriminated women and our never-ending comparisons for a girl; it has never ever taken a brake. Years passed, society and their so-called norms are the major roles which played for women sexist remarks.
Why we do not discriminate against men, and why women have to suffer the taunts and tantrum of people around?
A lot of questions which needs to be addressed, which of course are going to be ignored time and again.

These are some remarks which a woman have to listen in her everyday life and it needs to be stopped:


1. See how short her dress is; she is so shameless. Didn't she have full clothes to cover her body?

Excuse me; don't you have a good tongue? It shows your manners too.


2. Look at her tone, so much attitude,"Ghar pe bhi aise hi bolti hogi".

Thank god, you don't live with me, otherwise...


3. Whenever I have seen her, she is always been with guys, I have never seen her with a girl.

So what? Grow your peanut brain!!


4. See how cool she thinks she is looking while drinking and smoking, No girl does like this.

Thank you, I actually never listened to your advice, NAMASTE Ma'am!!


5. Hooo, how cheap jokes she cracks, I am sure no women cracks such jokes like her.

So you mean it is cool if a man does?


6. She is a girl; of course, she does not know how to drive!! How can you even expect yaa, common!!

Ughh!! My right-hand wants to do a high five with your cheeks, can I??


7. Let her come win this time, "Ladki Hai!!"

Do not dare to say this ever again.


8. She is 28+, still, she is not married. I don't think she will get married anytime soon or maybe she thinks she is so beautiful that she will get her life partner in a click of the fingers.


9. Oh common, I am sure she does not know how to cook.

Ya, I even do not know how to boil the water.


10. How did she do it?? I think some guy must have helped her, I bet you.

I feel so pity on you, gloom-monger!!


11. She is definitely not a girl if she uses swear language.

Is there any rule?


12. She cannot lift heavy weights because she is a girl, and she has less power.

I think you should concentrate on your workout, not me!!


13. Let me help her, she won't be able to do it, "Kamzor(Weak) Hai".

Stay away.


On behalf of all the girls, thank you all. Because of these sexist dialogues made by you, we girls have achieved a lot in our lives. We will still be going to continue our struggle to face your "Not So GOOD Language".

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