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13 Things People Think About Punjabi's Which Is Actually 'Galat Baat'.

Date: 2019-04-07 19:18:29

By Mansha

Punjabian di shaan wakhri,
Punjabian di battery charge rehndi hai,
Singh is king...

The list goes and on and on when it comes to appreciating the Punjabi's but also the scenario is not the same always. People have certain misconceptions about Punjabis who are better known to be, "people with the golden hearts".

Yes, true, Punjabis are pure souls, who are ready to help anyone in need, but there some myths people have about them, which are purely baseless.

Some of the misconceptions people have about Punjabi's are:

"We are hardcore non-vegetarians":

Sorry for breaking your myth, but all Punjabis are not non-vegetarians and some are even against eggs. So, next time when you will see a Punjabi person eating vegetarian then don't ask, "how come you are a vegetarian being a Punjabi" because it is normal.


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"We are alcoholic":

It really depends on person to person, some of us don't even like to take a sip of hard drinks and some are fond of it, but alcoholics are different, they are the ones who are addicted to it and addiction can happen to anyone irrespective of castes like a Punjabi, baniya or anything.


We are show-offs:

Now, give me a break. You can't judge a book by it's cover because all books are not the same and in the same manner, every person is not the same. There are Punjabis who are down to earth and the most lovable beings ever.


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We are loud:

It depends on what type of pitch god has given to us. If you don't believe us then tell ten Punjabis to stand in a row and listen to their voices. You will be shocked to see that some of them would be hell quiet and shy compared to anyone.


We are ever ready to party:

Have you heard the term "introverts"? If yes, you will see those people in our Punjabi gang too, who, don't want to go out and party till dawn because they believe in peace and in snuggling in their cozy beds.


Punjabis and Sikhs are same-same:

NO, it is not. Punjabis are different than Sikhs. So, next time onwards don't say, "So you are a Sikh because Punjabis are Sikh".

Got it?


Our national food is "butter chicken":

Sorry for breaking your bubble but it depends on mood and what we like to have and some of us even don't eat butter chicken and half of us are vegetarians. And sometime, we even like Dosa,



We wear shimmery clothes:

I think you have got shimmer in your eyes because we don't always wear shimmery clothes. We have our own taste and preferences and you should not judge that.


Punjabi's moms are cool:

If you feel so then have a day off with our mothers and you will find them equally possessive and strict as your mothers because mothers are no different.


We spend money like wasting:

I am sure you also must be having a person in your life who love spending their money on all the fancy things so, you just can't blame Punjabi's because every Punjabi do not like to spend their money like that. Some of us save our money for emergencies and the future.


ALOO PARANTHAS in breakfast:

We don't always eat paranthas at breakfast, we do love them but also we believe in eating healthy. We do eat them but once in a week or so as we also worry about our weight and fat.


Punjabis are short tempered:

No, we are not. We do get angry when something wrong happens but we never get angry at meaningless things but if someone gets angry without any reason then it has nothing to do with being Punjabi, that person has something wrong about his or her attitude.



Punjabis hate Baniyas:

No, we love them and we do have baniya best friends who mean the world to us.


Don't divide society by castes and their behaviors because we all are HINDUSTANI'S.

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