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13 Important Life Lessons We Can Learn From Kids

Date: 2018-11-14 13:01:14

By Ritika

Children's Day is right here and this time, we've decided to celebrate it in a different way. As adults, we grow up to believe that everything we are doing is correct and children need to be taught everything. But it isn't quite so much like that. We, as adults, have a lot to learn from children because they just make life so much easier and simpler. Let us explore some of the qualities we can adapt from the younger ones!

1. Unconditional love


Children don't care who it is in front of you or what's their age or their nationality or occupation. They just love, love and love. Adults often forget to give love to others because there's just so much of it in the world and that is why this is definitely #1 on our list.

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2. Living in the moment


As big, grown up people often do- they are constantly so worried about what happened in the past and how the future is going to turn out that they forget to live in the moment. The present is just so important and kids seem to understand that so much better than us.

3. Kindness


The other day, a person came up to me and my niece and begged for money or food, I had nothing so had to tell him to go. Five minutes later, I saw my niece give her own ice-cream to him. This small act of kindness would have meant so much to someone who had nothing.

4. Compassion


Children are always compassionate enough to think of others, think of what's good for everyone and what makes everyone happy- even if it's a cartoon character. I remember how I saw some kids talk about how they were feeling bad because one of the cartoon characters got suspended from his school for something he probably didn't even do.
As we grow up, our ignorance level increases and that's when we should turn to our little ones for learning how to be compassionate towards others.

5. Not getting worked up on small things


"I didn't get that job!", "My belly has turned into a bag", "My maid just left the job!" - all these are our daily routine now. We get super stressed about everything KNOWING that there is already so much of stress in our lives. Wish that life could be as easy as it was when we were younger? We can still make it.

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6. Forgiveness


I remember my mom slapping me for something utterly stupid and then having a major guilt trip and coming and saying sorry while crying to me. I forgave it so easily and didn't even notice. Children tend to do that, forgive, A LOT MORE OFTEN. And forgiveness is one of the very important keys to happiness. Now you realise why that kid at the metro station was so happy?

7. Being Courageous


We didn't think much about it when we were younger and our mother dressed us up as Sita or Ram and sent us for that fancy dress competition. Singing out loud or dancing anywhere didn't feel like something we could not do. A child's feeling of being able to do everything is a very, very important quality that adults should have.

8. Being Active


I remember finishing my homework earlier everyday so that I could go out at 5 every evening to play. Now, I can't even convince my mind to get up and get that packet of bread from the shop right below my house let alone my body. Being active is something that we lose through the years and it is very great if you're still active after turning into an adult, just the rest of us need to do it.

9. Starting fresh


When we're young, life just seems so new and endless. That is when we wake up, every day is like a fresh start. We try to improve ourselves everyday and live with a new and better us. The young ones don't carry baggage from one day to another.


10. Making new relationships and maintaining the old ones


Children love to call someone their best friend and doing everything for them. They also don't seem to ever say no to the possibility of meeting someone new. On the other hand, I remember saying an hour ago to my roommate - "I'm done with people. I don't think I can make friends anymore!"
Life is just so much easier when you give out a lot of love and open your hands to all that is coming your way too.

11. Trying everything


Children don't refrain from trying out anything new. They're so positive that every opportunity is a new possibility for them to learn and just go on trying everything- whether they fail or succeed at it.
I can't learn swimming anymore because I'm just so scared of trying this thing completely alien to me. Maybe I should learn a lesson or two about trying new things from a kid.

12. Noticing EVERYTHING


The water pouring from the pipe over our heads used to make us happy. The smell of wet sand used to make us happy. We would cherish every ice cream as we ate it. All these little things, we used to notice them and they gave us so much happiness, so where did it all disappear?

13. Laughing


Yes, I saved this one for the end. Children make it a point to laugh everyday and probably that is the reason that they are so happy and have such glowing skin (?) Regardless, laughing is the TOP quality we should learn from children.

We take so many things in our lives for granted which seem to make children so happy and make them enjoy so much, enjoy life so much. It's time for us to learn these small things from children and make life simpler and easier to live.


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