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14 Famous Joker Quotes By Joaquin Phoenix That Deserve An Oscar Award For Best Dialogue.

Date: 2019-10-15 09:32:26

By TabloidXO

joker quotes

The incredibly brilliant masterpiece work done by Joaquin Phoenix in Joker. The noteworthy performance by every single actor in the movie Joker is still fresh in my heart which couldn't stop me to recollect all the famous Joker dialogues. The shining dialogues from the movie will leave an everlasting impression on you and will split your deep thinking into the dark knight.

Joker movie is deep if you can connect the dots. It tells a story of a mad mind which is hidden in every one of us, in every quarter of our lives, which is scary yet realistically entertaining.

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Here are some Joker quotes that will make you think deep and are going to stay stuck for long whether you watch the movie or not.

  1. I Thought It Was Going To Bother Me, But It Really Hasn't.
  2. joker quotes

  3. I Think I Felt Better When I Was Locked Up In The Hospital.
  4. joker quotes

  5. I Hope My Death Makes More Cents Than My Life.
  6. joker quotes

  7. It's So Hard Just To Try And Be Happy All The Time.
  8. joker quotes

  9. When You Bring Me Out, Can You Introduce Me As Joker?
  10. joker quotes

  11. You're The Only One That's Ever Been Nice To Me.
  12. joker quotes

  13. I Mean, Don't You Have To Be Funny To Be A Comedian?
  14. joker quotes

  15. I've Got Nothing Left To Lose. Nothing Can Hurt Me Anymore.
  16. joker quotes

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  17. The Worst Part Of Having A Mental Illness Is People Expect You To Behave As If You Don't.
  18. joker quotes

  19. Is It Just Me, Or Is It Getting Crazier Out There?
  20. joker quotes

  21. My Mother Always Tells Me To Smile And Put On A Happy Face. She Told Me I Had A Purpose: To Bring Laughter And Joy To The World.
  22. joker quotes

  23. I Just Don't Want To Feel So Bad Anymore.
  24. joker quotes


  25. For My Whole Life, I Didn't Know If I Even Really Existed. But I Do, And People Are Starting To Notice.
  26. joker quotes

  27. I Used To Think My Life Was A Tragedy, But Now I Realize, It's A F**king Comedy.
  28. joker quotes

Joker deserves to win Oscar awards in each category.

Graphics credit: Diya.


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