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14 Signs I Love Cooking.

Date: 2018-12-26 13:06:31

By TabloidXO Writers

Cooking is an art. Food is bliss and being able to present delicious food to others can give you the jitters. The satisfaction we get by doing it is immense. We all cook to survive, but for some, it's a passion. Yes, some love cooking and it is their favourite pastime. They may even turn it into their profession. They are inspired by food. Is this about you? Here are some of the signs that prove that you love cooking (let me tell you about mine, "I love cooking"). Let's find out about you:


1. Cooking consumes almost all your free time, which is good. Feeding yourself is important but you are more interested in the process and the end result. You try to do it every time you are free.

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2. You always look out for new recipes. You try to make newer things every time. This can make you turn into an expert in cooking soon. You deserve that for your passion.


3. You travel for fun and for food too. Food traveling is seriously fun as we get to be acquainted with regional culture and food of different places.

And hang on; you get to experiment that dish once you are back home.


4. You put a lot of effort into decorating the dish. Food is not just meant to be eaten. It also deserves to be admired and you make sure it looks tempting.

You take pictures of your pretty dish and let the world know.

5. Whenever there is a party, you are assigned the job to cook and that is not even a burden for you.


6. You are given the chance to decide about food or made to guide the chef during parties and other functions. Of course, you are the expert and there is no denying the fact.

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7. Bad food is a nightmare and a pain in the heart for you. You can easily judge the food made by others too. We all don't speak that out loud, though.


8. You never miss out any technique which is required for cooking those delicious cuisines. There are many different techniques in cooking. You don't let them go unexplored.

9. People rely on you to clear doubts regarding cooking and food. You are able to give some serious food advice.


10. You are able to create something with existing ingredients. Being able to produce tasty food from limited ingredients is a skill.


11. You hate to repeat dishes. Variety is the spice of life. How can someone keep making the same dish? You try out different things and make different dishes. You may even come up with your own recipes.

12. You try to be innovative and play with flavors. Creativity thrives in cooking. You understand flavors and try to play with them

This can result in great food.


13. You watch a lot of cookery shows like Masterchef India, even Australia. You are thrilled to watch them, maybe more than once.

14. You are never too tired of cooking. If you love something, you can never get bored of it. Cooking works like this. It's not a responsibility, rather it's fun for you.


So, if you show any of the above-mentioned traits, it means that you love cooking. It's your passion. You are born to feed and delight others. You should do it more often as not many are blessed with this much passion. You are too special, now go cook!

I am making Spaghetti today! What are you making?


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