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14 Amazing Things Only Librans Will Relate To

Date: 2018-09-01 13:52:21

By Mansha

Librans are the only ones who are loved by everyone. People love to have them around because of their simplicity and maturity. They love to make people laugh, they believe in spreading happiness and sometimes being the reason for that happiness. Things only Librans can relate to:

We don't like it when people spread wittiness around us:

We hate people who play mind games and politics within the group, which spread misunderstandings and negativity in the whole room. We believe in clean hearts with no fakeness.


We are diplomatic:

We are best in diplomacy; we don't like people to get hurt because of us. So, we play games with our words that don't pinch people hard. We believe in speaking good and positive things even though deep inside we would know that something is wrong.


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We are good listeners:

People love to come to us with their problems because they know that no one can hear them better than us. We are damn good listeners and this is one of the reasons people love to be around us.


We also believe in justice:

As our sign looks, we believe in justice. Even though we are the sweetest at times but when it comes to something bad, we can be equally dangerous. We are not in favor of injustice; we can fight without getting tired if something is miserably wrong. We believe in balance and equality.


Confrontation is not for us:

We hate to bring some kind of argument; we try our best to not confront people about anything. That kind of scares us the most. We believe in peace and love all around us.


Hell romantic:

When it comes to love, we are most romantic creatures. We like to make our partner feel pampered and loved. We are pro's in planning surprises and people love to take advice from us about the same. And our partners are the happiest and satisfied when it comes to romance and love.


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Food is life:

Food comes first for us. Don't be surprised if our spouse asks us "food or me", it will definitely the food my love. No one can give us more happiness than food.


You will always find us with smiling faces:

We believe in smiling and spread smiles around us. We can't roam around with not interested and anger look, it's too dramatic and too much for us.


We like to be around new people:

We love to interact with new people and starting a conversation with them. Though we take a hell of the time to get comfortable with them but once we are comfortable we can be a pain to anyone.


We believe in unity:

We are not the people with the mean attitude, we like to take people along with us and competitions are really not our part. We believe in teamwork and hard work. That's why Librans are the best bosses. If you not believe me; ask a person who has a Libran boss.



Even though we love to be around people, still we are the laziest one:

We are the laziest creatures. We totally love to be in our PJs all day long and also best at making excuses for not going out. We believe in being happy with ourselves too.


Indecisive too:

Most of the time we depend on others, we take maximum time to take a decision and still, in the end, confused about if we have taken the right decision.


We are fun to hang around with:

We are lively and creative, that makes us easy for us to interact with people and people too attract to us easily.



Even though we like to be around new people, still we believe in quality:

Even though we like hanging around with new people but we are loyal to our own people and they are our heart. No one can take his or her place in our life.


If the whole world would be full of Librans then there would no war and evil. There would be only peace and love all around. We are the most loyal and trustworthy when it comes to relationships. As Librans month is arriving soon, let them know that they are special by tagging them here.

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