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Things Women Notice In A Man. You Need To Brush Up, Guys, You Really Need To!

Date: 2018-08-07 11:53:43

By Mansha

The first expression is the last expression. Every girl notice different things in a man, which she feels, is satisfied with her judgment. So, guys, we know you all must be thinking, on what points you are being judged.

Here it goes:


Yes, we notice how you treat people around. Are you holding a gate for a person who is coming behind you?, Are you treating that waiter with a respect? , How you treat your friends?
Manners are first thing which every girl notice in man. They notice how polite you are when you have to ask something.



Conversation skills:

Next, they see, how confident you are while speaking? Your choice of words and your humor. We just love a man with nice humor who can simply crack us with his charm.



How quickly you make friends or if you value your friends or not. Girls' just love a man who shows his bromance, that gives us some sense that you are good at maintaining the relationship.


How well groomed you are:

We just hate it when nails are dirty and not in a proper shape or beard is like Bush. Hair is too hot to handle and teeth that brighten the smile even more. Every girl would love a man who is well groomed.


Dressing dress:

A man with good dressing sense is like Nutella jar, which you can't resist. A man, who takes good care of his appearance, is demanded by a maximum number of women.



His facial expressions and his every move. Yes, girls check guys out. Guys with dimples or big eyes are definitely yes, yes. Or his cuteness level when he is giving that shy smile. So, guys when next time you go out don't forget to show you every cuteness move, which you have.


Eye contact:

A man who is good in eye contact is every girl's charm. Many guys get nervous when girls make an eye contact with them. It's a big NO, no.


His butt:

Don't judge us, we girls too like that. A good shape butt looks fascinating.



We don't have a problem with height issues but sometimes, the first thing which notice is how tall are you? And how much heels you are wearing?


Dance moves:

Many guys feel shy to dance. We just love a man who is good at dancing and who take us to that twirling thing.



Guys with witty arguments can simply win lots of hearts because girls too love those sarcastic and witty comments.



Girls just hate it when a man can't be in his own control after drinks. She would love to drink with him but if he is a subtle drinker and who gives a company in chatting evening with few drinks.


If you are smelling good:

A guy with good fragrance is simply awesome and a bad Adour can disinterest the women.


Flirting skills:

Flirting should be healthy and respectful. Some guys just jump into the cheesy pickup lines, which can irritate women very badly, girls like some witty flirting but fun.


So guys, when next time you keep your foot out for a night out, keep all these points in your mind and impress that woman with whom you want to go on a date soon.

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