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15 Everyday Problems Every Woman Will Relate To.

Date: 2019-02-05 15:00:29

By Manveen

Do not add the word "wonder" to every woman, it is a clear understatement. Making through a day is not an easy task, as much as we would love to say otherwise but us damsels our life is still in distress.

1.) Monthly shenanigans.


From a bloody affair that occurs every month that never forgets to bring mood swings and cramp with it to monthly hair removal problems at the salon, oh the pain.

What did we ever do to deserve all this pain?

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2.) Hair are not fair.


Whilst for some the "good hair day" is the day they wash it, whereas for some it is the second. Whatever the case maybe the "good hair day" never lasts for more than a day without the help of chemicals.

We did not choose the chemical life, the chemical life chose us.

3.) To stay in sync with hair and pick clothes.


The decision to choose clothes according to how your hair will behave, if it is going to be frizzy then jeans if it has decided to do you a favor then a dress.

4.) Clothes syncing part 2.


The day you go for hair removal you also mentally lay out a plan to wear sleeveless for the first week, half sleeves for the next and full for the third unless you decide to bestow the pain of hair removal on you again.

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5.) To cut nails or not.


As nice and fancy manicured-painted long nails feel they also are difficult to work with, how does one deny such pleasures of life?

6.) If only lipsticks with stick that long.


Despite what all the commercials say about 9-5 long lasting feature we just want to ask them to be realistic, if only the lipstick could make through the breakfast we would be grateful for that as well.

7.) Eye liners.


Probably one of the main reasons to not fall asleep in a class/ meeting is due to the fear of dealing with the aftermath of a smudged mascara.

8.) Style versus practicality.


As sassy as it is to carry handbags, but when you are carrying a load they are not the best option but shoulder bags are but how can you look like a school kid going to tuition?

How do you let that ugly bag ruin your entire persona?


9.) Style versus practicality part 2.


Looking up to all the chick flicks and wanting to walk in stilettos with a Starbucks coffee in hand, looking completely dapper in that Zara skirt, but this is India and our roads are not heels friendly and well neither are our feet.

10.) Binge watching.


This is quite a unisexual issue though, not knowing when to stop watching a series in the middle of the night and only regretting it in the morning. Talk about bad decisions.

11.) Sleep wins every time.


The want for a healthy lifestyle never ends, but the attempts to do so does actually they never truly begin. Making out plans to exercise, but gloriously sleeping through all of them, not even sorry.

12.) The acts of a lady.


When you sit with all the pie in a public sing, but rap like Cardi B in your room, talk about being happily double faced.

13.) Strong, independent girl (not).


When you are a tough, determined woman with set goals to conquer the world, but your mother still has to wake you up every day. It's okay the world is flawed.

14.) To fight maternal instincts.


With the wave of feminism prevailing the maternal instincts have gone for a spin, to learn to cook or not, to care and provide for others or be self content only. Dilemma's of our time.


15.) Relatability.


Relating to all these problems, women face and promising to pick up a better attitude but failing.


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