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15 Exam Hacks That Will Help You Out In Your Preparations

Date: 2019-02-23 14:30:42

By Manveen


Exams can be quite a stressful affair. To help you out, we have a few suggestions, here you go:

1. Be Creative with your notes.

Use sticky notes or colourful highlighter when you make notes, mark important details with neon colour and so that you do not miss out on any important stuff and your eyes have something to look at every now and then.

2. Use Flash Cards.

Sometimes registers and notebooks feel too heavy to study from and can overwhelm your mind, revise with pointers written on flash cards.

3. Figure out your hours.

See there are some people who can get up early in the morning and study from 5 AM and there are some people who are more productive at night, so just, you know, figure out what works out best for you and study in those hours.

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4. Make a timetable.

Figure out which exams are first and which subjects are more time consuming and finish them first because by the end you will be exhausted and would not be able to take on something challenging so prepare a timetable beforehand.


5. Use recorded lectures.

Some people actually learn better with audio notes so just record your own voice narrating physics law or mole concept and hear that out and since most of the times you have your phone, you can you know plugin anytime and catch up.

6. Take regular healthy breaks.

Exams can be stressful, agreed but you also got to chill for a while in between because otherwise you will get fatigue, which will be an issue later and you will not study so just take a break after 4-5 hours.

7. Discipline.

This is very important, see you can make a timetable and colourful notes and all that, but if you cannot train yourself to complete a certain amount of chapters per day with minimum procrastination then you are going to fail epically.


8. Sugar high.

Sugar and candies give you the rush and energy and can help you stay fresh, so just keep some chocolate rich cookies or Coca Cola with you.

9. Refreshments.

Again, you need to be awake and fresh and retort to tea and after a point, no matter how much you will drink it won't work for you so then you switch to coffee and make a cycle like this because you gotta do what you gotta do.

10. Take tests.

Sure, you are learning all day, all night, but test it out and see if all the data is actually being processed in your head and is not just coming and coming.


11. Write and learn.

Age old but gold, once you write something down the chances of you forgetting it becomes less likely.

12. Stay healthy.

If you do not eat right, you will not feel right and try to avoid junk, take an energy-rich diet that helps you perform better.

13. Music might help.

While some might call it a distraction the others argue saying that music helps them focus better so if it helps you focus then go ahead, listen to Sinatra or whoever can make you focus.

14. Group Discussion.

When there is so much syllabus there is a lot of confusion, so keep on discussing with your pals and help them if they need your help and they will also let you know about something if you are lagging behind somewhere or something like that.


Hope, these handy ideas will help you. Good luck!

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