15 Irritating Things Husbands Do!

Date: 2018-09-25 16:39:14

By Mansha

We love our husbands to the core; the cute things that they do every day make us fall in love with them more with each passing day. Their smile is what keeps us moving ahead in our lives, their laughter is what we pray for every single second and we wish for their long life throughout our lives. But they do certain things, which make every wife feel irritated, and they can never stop doing those things even after saying them to stop it million of times.

Not putting the toilet seat down even after correcting them million of times.


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Doing everything after taking approval from their mothers.

Can't you just make your own decisions sometimes and stop being a momma's boy or let me take our own decisions.


Putting wet towels on our clean bed sheets.

We try to keep everything perfect and decorated but that doesn't look fascinating to them. Uugggg!!


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We decide to go to our parent's house for two days thinking we can relax over there without any responsibilities but there also their phone calls can never stop, asking where are their certain things like a handkerchief, watch, cash and what not.

Boy, you need to learn self-sufficient. We can't do those things throughout our lives.


Their things can never be on their place like shoes on the shoe rack or socks being in the laundry box apart from lying on our clean floors.

NO, they like everything to be messed up.


Not taking shower on the holidays.

They like to be smelled as an expired cake and you dare to come close to us on such days.


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Snoring that wants us to murder them.


Not listening to what we are saying and then after you finished, then saying "sorry, can you repeat that again?" Uugghhh...


Taking hours inside the washroom in the morning.

God knows, what kind of treasure they find inside there.


We plan romantic things for him to make him feel special but when it comes to them, their minds are stuck either on dinner dates or being intimate.

Why can't you be romantic through gestures? Just why?


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Going out for a couple of hours for dinner with your girlfriends and calling you million times to ask if "you have left and when will you come"?

We get it you love us but please trust us and give us some space.


Wearing those same clothes again and again even though you have been telling them from the starting that you don't like that particular t-shirt or shirt.


Spending more time than you in front of the mirror just to fix those minimal strands of hair.


Leaving his shaved facial hair all over the sink.


When we ask them "how I am looking", every time they try to ignore it or just end up saying "hmmm beautiful".

Can't you just be frank with us because it makes us angrier when our friend says later that you look fat in this?


We do love you our lovely husbands and feel damn irritated when you do things like these but we kind of miss it when you don't. So, never stop to make us angry on you because we miss it when you are all quiet and sorted. It doesn't suit you.

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