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2023: 15 Latest Bridal Entry Songs For Banno.

Date: 2022-01-01 14:16:39

By Ratika

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Bridal entry kind of is a big deal, so why should you let the DJ play anything in the background when you walk towards your groom and all the eyes are on you? It is about the moment and would you be okay with somebody playing some thoughtless cliche wedding song in the background when you are having a moment? No kidding, we saw one bride's entry followed by Sidhu Moosewala's music, now imagine that. Why would anybody play that? Let us just say everybody has their bad days and bad days at work and that is fine, maybe that DJ was having a bad day at his job but it is your wedding day, you cannot have a bad day on your wedding now, or can you?

All it will take for you is to plan things out, right? Personalization and customization are the biggest words in marketing at present because everybody wants an enhanced experience for everything they receive. It is great if you can have a wedding planner do all that for you but if not then start planning early and adds more to your D day, you deserve everything special so why compromise on your bridal entry song?

Here are some latest bridal songs that are perfect for your entry:

1. Din Shagna De.

This is not cliche, it is called a classic, understand the difference. This makes people soft, warm, and in love and is just perfect for bridal entry.

2. Thousand Years by Christina Perri.

Another classic that will never go old. Solely meant for bridal entry, do you remember how soothing and iconic it was when Bella walked down the aisle with this song playing in the background? This song is love.

3. Dachi waleya.

This is an old folk song reinvented many times by various independent artists, it is feels through and through.

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4. Ranjha by Amit Trivedi.

You must have heard this song in Kangana Ranaut's movie Queen. It talks about a woman praising and longing for her lover. The lover is addressed here as Ranjha and how they both are inseparable.

5. Nazm Nazm from Bariely ki Barfi.

This song is from Ayushman Khurana and Kriti Sanon's movie Bariely ki barfi. Another sweet classic which speaks about love and that's the catch, weddings are loud, crazy and fun but marriage's foundation is love, warmth and comfort.

6. Kaisa Hua from Kabir Singh.

Kabir Singh as a movie was utter crap but let us not hate the songs and this one is a romantic hit too.

7. Aya Lariye.

This song literally talks about the groom coming with all the vigor to marry the bride, so this just fits right on its own.

8. Mele nu chaliye.

This song literally means "Carpe diem" and "seize the day". It is more metaphorical but is a very lovely song.


9. Nachdi Phira from Secret Superstar.

It is soft, melodious and lovely.

10. Laadli by A.R.Rahman and Lata Mangeshkar.

If A.R.Rahmana and Lata Mangeshkar makes a song together, you do not doubt it, you just go for it.

11. Madhaniya.

It is a Punjabi folk song which was meant and written for weddings only and has many revised versions available online.

12. Dilbaro from Raazi.

Another song totally meant for a bridal entry.

13. Mast Magan from 2 States.

Soulful song for a soulful event.

14. Darya from Manmarziyan.

You can listen to this song all day, it is so pleasant, why not walk the aisle with this in the background?

15. Thinking out loud by Ed Sheeran.

If you are looking for something from the west, then Ed Sheeran to the rescue.

Rock the stage, lady, have a splendid entry.


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