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15 Signs That You Are Still A Kid From Inside

Date: 2018-11-25 17:32:35

By Mansha

Being adults doesn't mean that you have to act mature and sincere all the time because deep inside there is always a kid who is hiding somewhere, you just need to know and learn that how to bring that out and some people still have a kid inside of them and they don't feel ashamed to bring that out. Being a kid is like being happy and finding happiness all around, that's what kids do. They just be happy and spread positivity around and adults who have a kid inside of them are fun to be with because they are not aware of worries all the time, they know that life is so short to live with any kind of misery. Signs that you are still a kid from inside...

You laugh at most awkward moments:

You can't control your laugh in the worst moments as well; you can take anything as a joke or a double meaning joke that you can laugh at the most inappropriate moments. Sometimes it is fun but sometimes for other people it is immature but yaa who cares?


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You enjoy spending time at toy stores:

You love visiting toy stores and find excuses to visit there with your nieces or nephews and when you visit there, you enjoy more than them. You love to watch those cars racing with each other or teddy singing a song and prankster toys which you can use with your friends.


You love junk food:

Coffee, tea, salads, sandwiches or diet foods are out of your league. No matter how hard you try but all the junk food from all around the world just attracts you towards them.


You are an attention-seeker:

At the times when you are feeling low or angry with someone, you wish for people giving attention to you to feel better. You love it when people show their affection towards you and appreciate your every move.


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You need your mom for everything:

You need your mom at most of the times without her you feel lost and incomplete. You just need to see her face and you are good to go anywhere and when coming back home your first question is always be "Mumma Kaha hai".


You are pro at showing tantrums:

If you want anything and you are not getting it then tantrums would definitely work because you know how to get it on your way.


Balloons still make you happy:

When you see balloons you build an urge to play with them and you love them even more if they are colorful.


You can't take injections:

Injections scare you more than anything and when the time comes to get an injection you are the worst kid possible. You take a whole clinic on your head by crying.


When you get sick:

When you get sick you need your mother by your side all the time for pampering you.



You love to pop up the bubble-wrap and it is your favorite time pass.


You still watch cartoons:

You love to watch cartoons on TV, all those "Shin Chan", "Scooby Doo", "Popeye" still makes you laugh hard than any other adult show.



You can survive on chocolates or toffees all day without giving any damn about healthy food.


You don't think before speaking:

You speak what's ever in your mind without thinking twice and later you curse yourself for making a fool out of yourself but again you do the same.


And every day you think that your boss would soon realize that you are really not a grown-up and your job would be on the stake.


And it doesn't really bother you (sorry boss, if you are reading this, it does bother me :-P) because this is what you are and this is what makes you happy and special.


You are a kid too from inside or is it really only me? Being a kid is special but sometimes it is embarrassing too, what you think? Tag your friends who act like a kid every day and let them know that you are proud of them.

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