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15 Ungirly Things Which Guys Like The Most In Girls.

Date: 2019-09-25 13:50:27

By Mansha

When we say, guys can love any girl and every girl, because that's what they are born for. It is not true at all because they have preferences too, they have expectations too which they would like to see in their partner for that instant connection, but more than that, they like when girls are a bit easy.

Now you must be thinking, what we meant by "easy"?

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Fewer or more than a few girls are too feminine or according to the guys, "too girly" like, "showing too many tantrums or being the gossip queen of the town". By easy, guys mean, a girl who is easy to handle. Who can think like him and work like him? Yes, that's what they meant and in girls' language, we can say, every guy looks for an inner dude in her girl, with whom, he can talk like a best friend without worrying about her being too feminine.

Today, I have come with the few non-girly traits, which guys love to see in girls...

1. When a girl dances on weird songs without worrying about the people's judgments, like, "HUA CHOKRA JAWAAN RE":

Trust me, guys love to see a girl who believes in living her best life and enjoying every bit of it by doing, what she likes doing it without worrying about society.


2. When she does not give a shit about guys who flirt with her because she is one with tomboy trait:

As guys love it when girls play along.

3. When they seem to have good knowledge of business stuff:

Because beauty with brains is a deadly combination.

4. When they step back from the gossip queens and seem to have more fun with the guys around by talking about random stuff:

Guys get attracted to women when they are less interested in the world around her and more interested in things that happen in her life instead of people's lives.

5. When they can take the jokes on themselves without getting offended:

Because it annoys the guys when remarks that were made on her only for some fun offend girls and they love it when girls take the jokes with confidence and backfire with a bang.


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6. The ones with the killer humor that can shut people's mouth without making any disrespectful comments:

Because that's the trait of being smart, but sassy.


7. When they can kill in the looks even in boyfriend t-shirts:

Because any girl can pull off the mini dresses, but only a few special ones can pull the look of being a dude and being a hot chick.


8. When they don't give a damn about the makeup:

Many girls pay visits to the restrooms in every few minutes to check if their makeup is on point, but guys love it when girls believe in their natural beauty and admire it when they use it as minimum as possible.


9. When they are able to beat them in games:

Guys love it when girls accompany them for PlayStation nights or PUBG nights and they love it, even more, when they beat them with confidence.


10. The ones who don't go mad about shopping and buy what they need at the moment instead of wasting time in thinking, what they exactly want to shop:

Do we need to say anymore? Because we can feel you guys.



11. When they don't try to control their boyfriends or brothers:

No guy likes it when a girl plays a mommy's role by telling him what to do and how to do.


12. Who doesn't shed tears on tiny-tiny things:

Some girls have a habit of crying on anything and everything and I must tell you, guys hate it. They would like a girl who can face the worst to worst situations with a smile and hopes.


13. The ones who choose sports shoes over high heels:

Guys love it when they watch you pulling off the sports shoes with dignity without worrying about the height because they love you like the way you are.


14. When they show their real self over faking to impress the men around:

And men get to know when you are real or fake because they have the power to figure out.


15. The ones who tell her feelings towards a guy without being a feminist about "he should be the one with the proposal":

Because they believe in, if you love him then tell him.


Girls, now you know on what things you should focus to impress the men. Go, lady, win the world.


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