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Crush Not Paying Attention To You? Here's The Simple Guide On How To Attract Your Crush

Date: 2018-12-04 16:15:36

By Mansha

"Crush" an only word that brings a big smile on your face only if you are single. A person who makes you fall in the feeling of being in love, their one appearance makes your day and their one casual "Hi" brightens up your day but when it comes to developing the same feelings within them which you already have about them, that sounds a dream. Relatable guys? So today I have come with some of the ways in which you can attract their attention towards you...


Like their pictures on their social media accounts.

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Don't be a fool around them, when they are with you or standing near to you. Just keep your confidence high.


Why not a playful wink? Or if it will not work then you will have a joke for a lifetime.

Compliment them on their clothes or humor. If you ask me, then, humor works best.

Give your best smile when they look at you, a warm smile please don't smile like a psycho there giving a desperate look.


Never go overboard with jokes, show your best humor.

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Look good but not so celebrity types. Groom yourself and wear something that looks good on you, maybe bright colors because bright colors will make you look stand up in the crowd.


Try to be around him or her but not in a stalking way. Be around with them and show as if you don't care.

If you will found them doing some activity then get yourself involved in that activity. This will bring you closer to them.

Give them a warm and little close hug. Take a few seconds extra to hug them.


Take the first move, start a good conversation according to their appearance.

Give a shot to healthy flirting.



While having a conversation, try to find common hobbies or interests. That will give you extra time to spend with them.

Be a good listener; if they are saying something then don't interrupt them in between. Let them realize that you are interested in them.


Laugh on their humor, let them know that they are intelligent and you adore that. Laugh on their jokes.


So ladies and gentlemen, if you want to impress your crush then take the help from these points. Maybe you will get the chance to let them know that you love them.

Happy crushing...


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