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16 Signs You Are Really Falling For Him.

Date: 2018-08-31 15:36:41

By TabloidXO Writers

You saw him once, your liking buds activated in your body but you are still confused whether it's just a liking or it is more than what you cannot think. You like to spend a good quality time with him, he laughs at your jokes, you worry about him but is this just a bestie wali friendship or more??

Here are 16 signs that show you are falling for him.

1. His text message puts a smile on your face.

You just wait for his text message; even a Hello would work for you to get that sunshine smile.


2. For any personal or professional advice, you always ask him first because you know that he is the one which will give you the best advice of your life.


3. When he is not well, you ORDER him to take a full day rest and also, you ask him to take that medicine which you know will make his recover fast.

You don't even message the whole day because you don't want to disturb his sleep.



4. You always compliment him...you are diving deep deep inside his lovie dovie eyes.


5. You will find out any new random topic which will come out to be a long sweet discussion and tadaa... You got his time!! This is what you wanted.


6. Your face is always about 32 teeth smile.

Your face is always happy and a big smile is all he can see on your face because those butterflies in your stomach made you do so.
And even he likes your cute blushy smile.


7. When your family asks you about marriage, his face comes in front of your eyes and your smile gave your parents a hint.

He is everywhere...wherever you see.


8. In every few minutes, you open your Whatsapp just to see if he is online or not...because if he is, then it's the correct time to message.

And, ab khola hai to profile pic bhi dekhlo.


9. You kinda see him everywhere...college/office, even if you are talking to any other guy, you feel like your love is in front of you.


10. Even a small fight could make you restless until it is solved and you try every single method just to make him happy.


11. You can't see him in trouble...his Dushman is your Dushman...and you can fight or argue with anyone if someone said something bad about him.

12. You talk about the future and casually you reference him in your future.


13. You try to keep track of his likes and dislikes in your brain so that next time you are fully prepared for his choices whether food, clothes or anything


14. You have at least once tried making his favorite dish and surprised him with your cooking magic.


15. You have told him every personal thing of yours because now you consider him as a family.


16. You have asked him "What kind of a girl he would like to marry" and you try to be like his choice.


You must have got all the clues about your naughty heart and brain, so go and share your feelings with him and why not make him special today.

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