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16 Things Only An Introvert Would Relate To

Date: 2018-09-02 13:29:21

By Mansha

People often think being an introvert is kind of a sin or it's a kind of a problem, which no one should have. Being an introvert is not a problem, it's a natural attitude trait which many people has and figuring out an introvert in the crowd is pretty easy. Things only introverts can relate to:

You don't like to put your thought on the table:

If you are having a discussion on dinner with people on some topic, even though many thoughts would be playing in your head but you don't feel comfortable on putting those thoughts in front of the people.


You avoid "what you think" questions:

You don't want people to ask you any questions; you are good in your bubble and feel uneasy when someone asks you for your opinion or suggestions.


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Small friends circle:

You don't worry about the quantity you focus on quality. You are more than happy with your old friends and you don't care about making new friends either.


You tend to keep your problems within you:

You are the one who doesn't feel comfortable in sharing her or his problems with someone. You keep that within you which sometimes makes you irritated and angry but that is how it is, this is who you are.


If something is bothering you, then you can't say that in loud:

When something is bothering you, you feel that strange feeling within you. Even though you try to tell your stuff to your close ones, you can't. Words don't come out from your mouth and eventually you keep that stuff within you till you get out from that with time.


You take ages to be comfortable around some people:

You can't be yourself in front of anybody and everybody. It takes time to mingle with a person.


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Once you are comfortable with a person then you are fun to be with:

When you open in front of somebody then you open up fully. You are yourself with that person and you would love him or her to be around you.


You enjoy parties:

You don't look forward to parties because you will be meeting new people, NO; you go to a party so that you can be with your closed ones and not giving a damn about the crowd.


You try to ignore unwanted phone calls:

You don't feel comfortable in talking to people who are not that close to you so you try to ignore their calls.

You like short conversations:

You feel agitated when people start telling you the long story about something-something, which you are not even the part of. You like short and meaningful conversations; something related to you or something that has meaning.


Gossiping is not for you:

You can't gossip with people, which are not related to you. Some people have this habit of discussing other's life but that makes you bored and sleepy.


Family or friends get-togethers make you lazy and not interested:

You are comfortable with the people with whom you can talk without feeling shy and awkward and that type of people in your life are very less. In the get-togethers, you have to meet various people, which makes you uneasy and bored.


You are way too sensitive:

Anything can pinch you easily you are not that bold.



The phone is your best friend:

Your phone saves you from those boring get-togethers and meetings.


You are a good writer:

Introverts are better at writing their thoughts than speaking them. If you are an introvert, deep inside you are a writer too.


Your family often takes you in a wrong way:

When they ask you something about you or what's going on in your mind. You shut them up by saying nothing, which gives them a wrong signal. They think you are more of a short-tempered person, which is not true. You just don't feel comfortable in saying it.



I am an introvert too and now a proud one. It's not bad or a problem to be an introvert. You feel nice and relaxed when you are on your own but sometimes it's a bad thing too. This is who you are and it's not in your hands. It's a trait, which comes to you naturally and without warning. So, when next time people asks you about your behavior just tell them, yes I am an introvert.

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