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If Your Partner Does Any Of These Things, It's A Reminder That You Are In A Toxic Relationship

Date: 2018-08-06 17:56:34

By Mansha

There are many harmful relationships, which can make us feel unwanted or unsatisfied. These types of relationships are very common, we all know, at least one person who is not happy in their relationship. It can really break you from inside and also, can affect your health.

There are some of the signs that show that you are in a harmful relationship if you can really relate to any of these signs then its time to walk out of that relationship.

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They always criticize you:

No matter how much you do for that one person, they will always criticize you. Despite doing everything for that person, they will always try to find the smallest mistake of yours and that can break your self-respect and can lower your confidence.


Try to control you:

They will always try to keep themselves superior to you. They will force their decisions and thoughts on you and for that matter; you will lose your trust in yourself.


You are the banker for them

Like normally what happens in best friends is; we used to share the bill at the end or with mutual understanding we used to give each other bills whenever wo go out next, or the either ways, which is really appreciable. But it's really filthy when they think of you as their banker who will be spending for them everytime.


They will never motivate you:

Your achievements would be meaningless to them. They will always be jealous or unhappy with it. And that can demotivate you. They always want themselves superior to you.


You can't count on them in emergency.

Whenever you will be in trouble you can't think of taking the help from your partner, however, as love is blind you still call your partner for help and surprisingly but not surprisingly they will be unavailable.


Your family will never be a priority for them:

They will never accept your family as their own. Whenever you make plans with your family, they will try to pass it every time by making non-sense excuses.


Lack of emotional support:

At the time of bad health or bad time, you never get their emotional support. They always remain distant with you or will try to comfort you with the physical support.


Keep taunting you:

They will keep taunting you about everything like your looks or how messy their room is. They will never offer any help, rather than they will taunt you if anything is not according to them.


Will ignore you:

They will never listen to you attentively when you have to talk to them about something important. Their reactions would be always like, "hmm" or "okay".


You feel ashamed to introduce them to your friends:

You always feel ashamed or scared of introducing them to your family or friends because you scared that they can behave very strangely or rude.


You feel uneasy when you are with them:

When you are out on a date, you often feel uneasy or uncomfortable. You can't be yourself in front of them.


Always fighting:

You both always fight even in smallest things like, why haven't you replied within seconds. Your discussion ends in the form of argument.


You were never ever their priority:

For them, everything comes first except you like dinner with friends or lying to you about being not well.


Trust issues:

They always doubt you about everything. If you will say, I am out shopping alone, they always think you can be with someone but you are not telling them. You both can't trust each other completely.


They always refuse to talk about the future:

They will always change the topic when you will start something about the future. They are never interested in discussing future together.


You feel safe when you are alone:

You feel safe and relaxed when you are alone. You are just not happy when you are with them. You feel tied up with them as if somebody has given you some kind of punishment.


They bring worst in you:

They have turned you all the opposite than you were used to be. You always feel agitated and low. And your anger issues are not controllable.


Sometimes it's hard to accept that you are in a toxic relationship that can harm you in a very bad way. You always feel that time can heal all the wounds but something's are not in our hands and it is best to let them go. Letting them go is not easy but when they start harming you, its best to say a goodbye.

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