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I Am In Love Or Am I Not, Confused? These Are Some Signs That Tells You Are In Love

Date: 2018-12-10 17:55:42

By Mansha

They say love is a feeling which you can't express it in words and all this while I had been thinking, really what love is. After listening to many love experts who are in love, they gave me these signs and told me that; "yes love is great till you are in love with a right person because love with a wrong person is not worth the efforts".

After reading this article, one thing is for sure that you will know if you have ever been in love even though you are single or if you are really in love with a right person because love is immortal.

Signs that you are in the world of love...

Everything seems to be related to them:

Their favorite colors their favorite food. Everything seems like to be theirs.


You keep fishing on your phone:

In every few seconds, you check your phone if they have texted or called you because you hate it when you ignore it even by mistake.

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They will be present in every of your conversation:

Accidently or not, you keep taking their names within the conversations you are having with someone else. It's like they have locked themselves up in your mind.

When you see them, your heartbeat increases:

When you meet them your heartbeat starts beating faster. Your skin gets all red and your beats are not in your control anymore.


You never get enough or tired of them:

No matter how many hours you get to spend with them but it always seems less. You never get bored of them; you wish to spend endless time.

You start searching for excuses to start the conversation:

When you are all alone and missing them you start finding excuses to text or to call them so that you can again listen to their voice. It is just that they make you happy and energetic.

You find yourself smiling or in a good mood all day:

Thinking about them makes you happy and that brings a smile on your face. Just the thought of them makes you smile and makes your day bright.


Your appetite becomes great to good:

You know longer finds happiness in food; your eating habits are not like before. Your appetite shrinks when you are in love.

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This one is scientific true your sex drive increases:

All day you think about having them for life.

You start imagining your future together:

In your future talks, you count them in too. Before making any important future decision, you first think about them because you see them in a long run with you.


Your nights seems shorter and the day seems longer:

When in work you think only about get back home so that you can listen to their voice again. Nights are all about talking and listening.

When you are with them, you don't want that moment to pass:

You completely lost the track of time; you don't feel like to get apart from them.

Their one touch brings a shiver to your spine:

Their one touch makes you feel perfect as if you have been waiting for this since lifetime.


You feel possessive about them:

You don't like it when your BFF or your relative speaks anything against them. You love them as the way they are.

Your concentration level decreases:

You can't concentrate on work or home; the only thing, which runs in your mind, is "he or she". You only think about them 24/7.


You always find yourself happy than ever before:

You realize you have never been this happy before; you start living your life as you have never before.


Their likes or dislikes matter you the most:

You make note of their likes and dislikes, you love to cook their favorite dishes or do something special which they like because their happiness matters you the most.


The thought of losing them scares you:

You can't imagine a single second without them as if they are the oxygen that you take. Losing them is the biggest fear you are scared of.

In a whole,

They are your everything, your soul, heart, happiness, tears, heartbreak, heartbeat, brightness, and dullness; basically, your entire world starts revolving around them. So are you in love? If yes then never let that feeling or person go because it is the most beautiful thing, which you can or get without any price tag.

Happy loving...


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