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18 Bizarre Superstitions Beliefs Around The World

Date: 2018-09-25 15:53:45

By TabloidXO Writers

India is a country that contain thousands of superstitions. From seeing a black cat jump to considering 13 unlucky, we let superstitions thrive here. But, the truth is that it's not just about our country. A lot of superstitions exist in other countries as well. Many of them are funny and some ate annoying too. Those things are out of logic, but many still blindly believe in them. There are a lot of such superstitions. Let's get a taste of some of them.

1. Carrying an acorn can make you stay young forever. In ancient Britain, women carried acorns in their pockets to stay young.

2. Another superstition is related to mirrors. It is widely believed in many parts of the world that if you break a mirror, bad luck will follow you. It is believed that you will have to face seven years of bad luck due to it.


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3. Toasting with water is considered undesirable according to German superstition. According to Germans, toasting with water is equal to wishing them death.

4. According to Hungarians and Russians, sitting at the edge of the table.

5. Most of the people around the world believes in the evil eye. Around the world, people use a variety of things to ward off it. Some burn spices while others carry out special rituals.


6. Eating lettuce can hinder you from having children according to superstitions. In the 19th century, the English people avoided salads with lettuce if they were planning to have kids. This is so funny as it is beyond any scientific explanation.

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7. In the medieval times, giving gloves as a present and not receiving anything in return meant bad luck.


8. You are not supposed to chew gum at night in Turkey. Chewing gum at night means chewing the flesh of the dead for them.

9. If your skirt turns up, you will receive a new dress. This is according to old folklore. It's one of the strangest superstitions.

10. Eating grapes at midnight can grant you good luck. Many did this in Spain, at new year's eve, to have a lucky year ahead.


11. Another silly superstition is that Wednesday is the best day to go to a hospital. This is particularly silly as people would wait till Wednesday for medication.

12. Birds flying into your home is considered bad luck in many parts of the world.


13. Superstitions in America, suggests that keeping your purse on the ground is bad luck.


14. In Spain, if a 13th happens to be a Tuesday, it is supposed to be a bad day. No ceremonies are conducted on that day.

15. According to Russian and Norwegian superstitions, whistling indoors and at the sun is considered inappropriate and may bring in Ill fate.


16. It's bad if you trim your nails at night in many parts of the world. It prevails in India too. It's prominent in countries like Japan and South Korea.

17. Knocking on wood is considered bad in many European countries.

18. An awkward silence means an angel is passing over.
It is rather a very funny explanation.


So, these are some of the very common superstitions in the world. Now, we know that India does not have the monopoly over superstitions. We need to act with logic and search for reason to get rid of them. By doing so, we can make our lives easier.


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