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These 18 Things Are Surely Going To Ruin A Man's Day

Date: 2018-07-30 13:10:36

By Abhishek

You think we men don't have problems?? We wake up with a good cute smile and starts our day with excitement?? You are absolutely wrong!!

It's no surprise that our problems and we go hand in hand holding our hands tight, it happens often and when I say often it means VERY OFTEN!!

So we got you some everyday life mishaps which will sound you funny but Jispe beet-ti hai use pucho.

1. The most underrated villain of your life, it's your maid when she switches off the fans and AC.


2. Its early morning, you wake up with one eye open, you move towards your bathroom and it's your bloody bad aim which could not target the center of your seat.



3. You are tall, dark, and maybe handsome too, but you are not able to get your beard as accurate as like Ranveer Singh.


4. You are having a great time with your Gf at a party, and thanks to her (Ok..maybe) who told you to close your fly.

OOPS, moments!!


5. When you fold your legs in public and it's your ugly hairy leg that is popping out of your pant/jeans legs.



6. When your clothes can't live without food or should I say, you are bad at handling and feeding your mouth.


7. When you open your wardrobe, and you realize that all your clothes are in the laundry.

Ab kaya pehnu??(What should I wear now?)

8. You with your friends are at a party, suddenly the music drops and it's YOU and YOUR LOUD VOICE saying;

Hey you Mo**** F*****, get the music man!!


9. After shaving your beard, you look into the mirror to see a young teenager staring back at you.

10. You have just stepped out of your house boundary and then your mommy loud voice travel to your ears, {laadla, raju, bunty, shunty} kab ayega?

Now, your whole colony calls you by this nickname.


11. It's really a pain, really!! When you get hit in the testicles.

12. Had a cut on the cheeks while shaving, bleeding is not going to stop soon and it's the day you are going to meet your crush.


13. When even a 15-year-old kid is enjoying with his girlfriend at the mall and you are with your whole sole shopping bags.

14. Today is your office meet up and you accidentally shave on that big pimple which was on your right cheek. It looks really repulsive.

15. When you can't control your ghastly loud shit fart in public.

16. Rather than trying them at that moment, you assume that your newly comfy branded clothes will fit you. You came home, only to find they don't fit.

17. When you are having a message chat with a girl, thanks to your dancing thumb & auto correct feature which totally depicts you as an illiterate in front of her.


18. When you have no control between your legs.


Stop Laughing!!

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