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7 Reasons Why In Your 20s, Phone Calls With Friends Become Less.

Date: 2019-05-27 13:57:23

By Mansha

Those were the days when our entire days used to be with our friends, talking and laughing. Where there were no worries of tomorrow and no tensions of today because everything was as perfect as a fairytale, but as they say, weather can never be the same all our lives, in the same manner, that couldn't be our everyday routine till death because once we hit in the twenties, things changes, people changes and situations make us a different person.
Once upon a time, there were used to be endless talks over the phone with our friends and there was nothing, which we don't use to discuss and soon, it all faded away with time.

Have you ever thought, why it became lesser? Because life is not that simple anymore or I would say, it is not what we expected as a child.

Reasons why phone calls became lesser...

Responsibilities keep us worried:

The twenties are all about making something out of your self and fulfilling your duty towards your parents and it is not easy. Most of the time, our minds are stuck with a to-do list and all the worries about the responsibilities, which as an adult we have to take care of.


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Not able to crack the puzzle:

Some get successful in their careers and some feel confused about their passion and in this entire puzzle, they get so occupied with their own thoughts of worries that they forget about sharing their miseries with their friends, who were their backbone back then. As I said, situations keep a person occupied.


Too many secrets:

There was a time, where they were no secrets between friends and every phone call used to be a revelation, but the twenties makes you all secretive because of the fear of many things on various topics. In the process of hiding those secrets, people ignore the constant call so that they don't get emotional by hearing their friendly voices.


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This is the age to settle down completely in terms of finances and in the race of settling down first, workload keeps a person so busy that all they get time for is, family and resting.


Love Relationships:

Priorities changes with time and in the twenties the main priority which people look after is their love relationship with their partners. In the process of making their relationship stronger with time, they get so busy in developing bonding with each other that they kind of ignore their other relationships.


Everyday hassle:

Day-to-day life is too busy with work, family and other things that by the end of the day, exhaustion takes place and the last thing which can come up to anyone's mind is talking to more people because mind demands peace and ME time for getting prepared for the next day.



The feeling of lost:

Some friends may be getting married or some are working, the twenties are all about changes and to cope up with changes and reality, people choose a simple life with more work and fewer gossips as it only increases the urge for competition.


This phase would too pass and it will leave with great lessons for you to remember all your life. The twenties has its own cons and pros, but it is a beautiful phase as it makes us meet with maturity.


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