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These 30 Unknown Bigg Boss Secrets Will Shock You.

Date: 2021-02-21 15:32:18

By Srishti

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Today you will know a lot of secrets which every Bigg Boss fan must know. There are lots of rules and regulations which the contestants have to follow before entering the show, and even, there are certain rules which are to be followed after coming out from the house and if in case the contestants break any of the rules, they will have to face a big fine.

Here Are 30 Shocking Facts About Bigg Boss:

1. During every episode of "Weekend Ka Waar" the food that the house contestants get is brought by Salman Khan, which is made at his house by his chef.

2. Inside the Bigg Boss house no form of alcohol is allowed, the house only allows the contestants to smoke, and, in each season, a smoking room is made for the contestants, so that they can go smoke there.

bigg boss secrets

3. If any contestant, during at any point in the show wants to leave the show and go, they have to pay a hefty fine of Rs. 2 Crores to the makers, this clause is a part of each and every contestant's contract.

4. The mirror walls around the boundary of the house is a viewing glass. It is used by the crew members to check the contestants every move in the house, but the contestants are not able to see them.

bigg boss secrets

5. Whenever a new season starts, the contestants are being brought to the house while being blindfolded so that they can't see the location of the house.

6. Since the Bigg Boss house has no clock in it, there is no fixed time for doing things in the house. So, whenever the morning alarm plays in the house the contestants have no idea, what time it is.

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7. The luggage that the contestants bring into the house is scanned before it makes it's way inside the house.

8. All the content recorded on Saturdays is never telecasted on television because the day is a free day for all the contestants, where they can do whatever they wish to do.

bigg boss secrets

9. The entire week all the house contestants have to clean the house on their own but during nights the bedroom blinds are pulled down and cleaners are brought into the Bigg Boss house so that they can clean the house properly.

10. Though each contestant is only allowed two bags, but contestants are allowed to make special requests to their family or friends in case of more requirements. For ex: If someone's beauty product finishes or if they want to wear something specific, the contestant's point of contact would be informed and the housemates would get the things.

11. Sometimes the contestants demand their personal makeup artists or hair professionals, but that is against the Bigg Boss policies, so all the contestants do their own makeup and hair.

bigg boss secrets

12. All the contestants of the show cannot wear any branded clothes and even if the brand of a company is written on a t-shirt the crew of the house covers it up with black tape, so that it is not visible.

13. No form of books (holy scriptures) are allowed in the house, even if any contestant brings a book along with themselves, the crew removes it from their luggage before it enters the house. If someone wants to read a holy book, then Bigg Boss provides them.

14. The contestants of the house cannot give their opinions about any political or any government issues.

15. The host of the show, Salman Khan never views the entire episodes, though it may seem like he does but he only views the required footage which the Bigg Boss team thinks will boost the TRP of the show.

bigg boss facts


16. Before entering the house, each contestant has to provide the makers of the shows with full details about their criminal history, which is verified by the Endemol team.

17. Before entering the house, all the selected contestants are called by a code name, so that even by mistake the identity of the contestants is not revealed in media.

18. Each contestant of the show gets their pay on a weekly basis. The weekly payment varies from contestant to contestant based on their popularity.

bigg boss secrets

19. If any contestant gets selected for the show, they are not allowed to discuss it with anyone.

20. The only areas that do not have any cameras are the loos and the showers.

21. The downside of the Bigg Boss house is that there are a lot of insects and animals that show up in and around the house. It is located in Film city of Mumbai and there are lots of monkeys there which sometimes had entered even inside the house.

22. The minimum signing amount for any contestant is around Rs.5-8 Lakhs, this amount is given even if anyone gets evicted in the first week of the show.

23. After getting evicted from the show, the contestant has to have no contact with the media and if it has to be done then the show makers have to be asked beforehand.

bigg boss secrets

24. A lot of people became close during the show and couples do get intimate inside the house, but those scenes are edited out from the final episode that is aired.

25. Many contestants of the show have said that the house is haunted and they themselves have witnessed paranormal activities.

26. The voice of Bigg Boss that everyone hears is the voice of Atul Kapoor who has also been a part of many other projects as well.

27. The location at which the house of Bigg Boss is made it is very heavily protected so that the location can be kept private.

bigg boss secrets

28. The Bigg Boss house is surrounded by different makeshift sets, where the talk-shows about the house can be recorded and shot.

29. To date, Navjot Singh Sidhu is the only contestant who holds the record of never being eliminated by the votes of his fellow contestants.

30. Many contestants over the course of their stay find hide spots away from the cameras so that they can sleep and rest without Bigg Boss finding out.


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