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5 Kinds Of Women Guys Should Avoid Dating

Date: 2018-11-30 14:08:43

By Abhishek

For a lovable and a respectful relationship, the couple as a team has to work together to build the bond and which has to be unbreakable.

Finding a guy is tough!

We hear it often, like really often! But finding a girl nowadays is as thorny as it sounds to find a guy. So fairly saying, finding a girl whom you think is perfect for you, for that, guy, you have to search it with your eyes open and most importantly, your brain!

And to make your brain train, we are up to help you, so we have listed down the list of women which you should not consider for dating (we have nothing against you girls, we seriously don't! We are helping out our boy, that's it. If you want us to write on 'Kinds of Guys Women should avoid dating', we are Gucci for this article, your wish is our command, and very soon you will read about that too).

Let's focus on boys now and here is the list which a boy has to focus on:

1. Never date that women who know that you are interested in her because you never hesitated to show your love, affection, and concern to her but still she makes you feel ignored or less important in her life.


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2. You know, you are the cute innocent guy (which I proudly call myself too) who talks with women with respect, make her laugh and pamper her and immediately she judge you of being cocky, or gives you the grand title of "flirtatious". Even your small kind, cute, sweet gestures get you the darts of being CHEESY.

Stay aware guys, stay aware... and stay away!


3. Dating a woman who treats herself as the princess (okay, yes, we agree, every girl is a princess but HER definition is something which you will not be able to gulp down your esophagus).

She is a high maintenance girl, who wants gifts every day (or maybe every alternate day), her behavior, her thoughts, are to the next level, even the real "Queens of the world" could get tough competition from her.


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4. Never date that girl who opens her mouth just to talk all the negativities of the world. Obviously, who wants to listen to those bad talks which get you depressed and you question your survival on this earth.

Her traits are: She will talk about her ex, how he dumped her. Next day she will talk about her best friend who didn't take her to the concert. The third day she will judge you for why being so sweet to her and so on and so forth (thank god she does not talk about politics).


5. The gold digger: She is ready to go out with you to spend some good time together until you are paying the cheque.

Try saying it "You pay today", trust me she will either say no directly on your face or on the next date you will never see her again. She is all about materialistic love, she even drops you alert diplomatic hints about what she wants so you can surprise her with the gifts later!



You guy, try one day by saying "I want this watch"... hmm ha wohi, samajh jaao!

It's never too late, guys!


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