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5 Reasons Why We Girls Show Tantrums, We Are Sorry Guys 'But Attention Chahiye Yaar'

Date: 2018-11-10 11:21:56

By Ritika

Every relationship has had that phase where they were fighting about something and very soon they realized that the 'something' was something very stupid and to end the whole series, we often had to say sorry even when we had absolutely no idea of what was going on.

If you see yourself on the other side right now, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Women are creatures that are very difficult to understand, sometimes we don't even understand ourselves fully! Not exactly tantrums, but sometimes we throw around drama like full-on queens, this article tries to explore some of the reasons why this happens.

1. We need attention.

This is not at all limited to the she-gender. Every living creature on this earth CRAVES attention. Call us attention-seekers but we need our men to pay attention to us and when they seem to be ignoring us, we have to subtly remind them of our existence sometimes.



Trust me, we would do the same for our significant other too!

2. We want you to be closer to us.

It might be that you're watching the television and your girl just says "I need some more space, SHIFT!" or just snuggles up next to you. Or maybe you're on the bed and she just suddenly turns her back towards you but you have no idea what just happened.


Well, this could be because she really wanted you to come closer to her, just ask her if she is okay and of course, why would she say it out loud!

3. We want you to make an effort.

A lot of women crib when their partner forgets their anniversary. But there is a reason for it. We value our relationships a lot and try to make every little day as special as possible. And in turn, we expect you to make an effort too.


Throwing a tantrum might be annoying right now, but it might be the reason we make many of our days special next time onwards, won't it?

4. Because, who else is going to treat us like a kid?

I'm on my period and I want to eat ice cream. I'm in the full mood for a chicken tikka roll with mayo. When we were younger, our parents would pamper us as their little girls. But now, life has struck me and I have to live full time in an adult body. Sometimes, I feel like acting like a little kid and being treated like one.


Who else can take it better than my man?

5. We want appreciation.

You'd often find your woman complaining about how her dress is making her look fat, how her dinner went unnoticed or how her she cut her hair and you didn't even notice. Truth is, we're trying all the time to make you and everyone around us happy and to deal with society's added standards to fulfill, it is not at all easy to handle.


That is why some appreciation would really be appreciated!

Women might seem to come off as throwing tantrums but she just really needs you to pay some attention and give some love to her. That is literally it. So the next time she is being childish, just give her some extra care and everything's going to be fine!

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