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Girls, These 6 Things Your Guy Does Not Want You To Eat, I Think He Is Correct

Date: 2018-09-20 17:03:08

By Abhishek

(Disclaimer: This article is just for entertainment purpose, so take it lightly, read at your own risk.)

Eating is good; we do love to see our girlfriends having their delicious time with the delicious food going down their esophagus. Their reactions do make us feel happy and contented; the way they make cute faces, the way they feed us from there portion of plate...Aaah lovely right??

Let me pop the bubble now...

There are some things which girlfriends eat and no, it's not any food item, it's beyond that, something which is calorie free, something which tastes sweet for them but sour for the boyfriends. So here those 6 things which she likes to eat a lot

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1. Bhaao

If you have struggled to make her convince for something, you got the signal boy!! She likes to eat a lot of Bhaao in an extra-large size. Girls if you like to eat this dish, kindly see your boyfriend face once, maybe you feel pity for him.


2. Akad

The dish is one of the favorites among girls and is breaking all the records of the past. If your girlfriend likes to eat this often, I just wanted to convey to you - All the best.


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3. Dimaag

Another dish, another taste, but the sufferer is the same. The dish which is served less in quantity but gives full satisfaction to the eater (girlfriend).


4. Sar

It is somewhat the same as the taste of Dimaag but the only difference is the style of presentation and it is served in a large quantity which is sufficient for a girl to ease her weird cravings.



5. Kasam

A common dish which suits every other dish in the list & it is every girl's favorite. Maybe she loves to eat in every 30 minutes, Maybe!!


6. Sukh chain

This dish will go extinct in some few more years, girls it is high time that you please take care of your love before it's too late to say sorry!!


Boys, it happens and it's OK from their side even, if they do so!! But genuinely I hope she does not eat all these things... because I can feel you, bro!
And girls, remember, things are going extinct. SPREAD LOVE!!



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