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6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Getting Into A Relationship.

Date: 2019-04-07 17:21:42

By Manveen

Getting into a relationship is like a roller coaster ride, it can either be the best adventure or the most traumatic experience of your life, whichever the case may be how long can one hold themselves back?

How long can they deny love and fate?

But there is something they should know before they sign up for all of that, here are those six things:

1. Sacrifices.

Relationship is a two way road, you get what you give and if you think you can be your stubborn pampered princess ass then your relationship is bound to be an epic failure because you need to learn to make way, sacrifice your pride at times for the greater good, take time out, sacrifice your personal space as well.


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2. Selflessness.

If you think you can be all about I, me and myself, then the relationship is definitely not your cup of tea, you need to give up "the me" and think more about "we". You need to love somebody before yourself, put their happiness as a priority too.


3. Friendship.

Like it or not, your friendship and relation with others will get affected too. Yes, you will be perceived differently too, but your time will be devoted to your companion more than your friends and they might get offended but that is something you need to be prepared for.


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4. Insecurities.

When you love somebody so much and they constitute to be such a big part of your life, that it feels impossible to make through a day without them you will be scared to lose them. You will be insecure. At some point, you will doubt everything but that again is just a part of the process, not the entire process.


5. Pain.

Pain and love go hand in hand. The fact that one person can make you so happy in life, so content, make you feel invincible and then consider the fact that all this can be taken away from you if that one person merely walks out of life can be painful enough. It leaves you vulnerable.



6. Dependence.

The fact that you will devote so much time to each other, dependence will occur even unconsciously. You can try all you like, but having somebody to lean on, count on, walk with will make you feel like you cannot be happy without the other person.


So to end it all, you should know when to get into a relationship, and when not to. Make yourself sure first and then everything will be easy.


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