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6 Types Of Guys You Should Never Date

Date: 2018-11-11 14:33:41

By Ritika

Dating isn't always a flowery experience, sometimes it is a roller coaster ride and other times it is like an outbreak of a disease. We've all been through some or the other bad experience, and if you haven't, GOD BLESS YOU!


We are here to save you from those disease-like happenings, all you have to do is read up this article to find out how to steer clear of the six types of guys you should totally avoid dating. He might seem like a catch at first, but wait till the onion peels itself!

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1. The Mama's Boy

DO NOT. He tells his mom everything, he is 25 and still asks his mom's permission for whatever he does, his mom buys his clothes for him and you'll never know but he might even dump you because he mom told him to do so.


It's very sweet sometimes to see guys treat their mothers like queens but hey, you need to find your own space in his life and with that huge rock kept in between, you just can't.

2. The Self-Obsessed One

He takes a million selfies of himself, he keeps talking about how he is going to do new things to his hair, he can take off his shirt anywhere to show off his abs and the number of times he mentions himself during the day is uncountable.


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He might seem attractive at first but unfortunately darling, this guy is already in a relationship with himself.

3. The Control Freak

This guy will slowly and steadily take control of all your life. He will start telling you what to wear, where to go, how to talk, what to eat and when you don't obey his orders, he'll throw around a fit. He has probably been too much or too little pampered by those around him earlier in his life.


This relationship will take no time to turn into a toxic one.

4. The Couch Potato

Come on, you know what I'm talking about. This guy keeps lying around all day and all night, does not really care about his assignments or work or friends (maybe because he has none), can play video games all day and there are food leftovers lying around his place.


You'll soon start to feel like an overachiever in front of him and his lethargic habits will start to drag you down, just don't.

5. The Super Charming One

This guy will always be separate from the crowd, he is super attractive, not only to you but to everyone around. Girls drool over him and he seems to handle everything pretty well. This guy will probably make you feel low about your own self or might turn out to be an alcoholic, a drug addict or just have a million emotional problems that you don't have to deal with. It is also very often that you find a commit-phobia in these types of guys.



6. The Child

This guy might be in his 20s, 30s or even 40s but deep down, he's still a child. I know it is cute to see guys be in their own vibe or play around a bit or chill in their shorts and jerseys but this one, he needs to get a leeeedul bit serious. You can't really count on him whenever something serious happens.


There is a never-ending list of guys you should avoid but this was the root of it. Share your other bad experiences in the comments and help someone else out there!


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