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These Type Of Sunglasses Will Suit You According To Your Face Shape

Date: 2019-04-19 14:33:22

By Ritika

Sunglasses sure help you beat the heat, but finding the correct pair that suits your face shape can help you rock the pair even better and make you look stylish, trendy and attractive. The major goal during this finding would be to enhance your facial features and every pair brings out different ones so it's essential that you choose the right one!

1. Round face.


If your face is round in shape, you should go for either angular, rectangular or aviators. The wider cheekbones and wide forehead and jaw should all be balanced with frames that cover the length of the cheekbones.


2. Oval face.


Oval faces are actually pretty easy to complement. The symmetry of the face should be able to match with a lot of frames, so you could try experimenting with any kind of frames, except for oversized ones.

3. Square face.


A square face has more angular details and the cheekbones, jaw, and forehead tend to be equally wide. To match this face cut, you should go with frames that aren't very sharp on the sides, so frames with soft corners like round, cat eye or oval should work really well.

4. Heart face.


A heart-shaped face, as weird as it might sound, is one that is wide on the forehead and starts to narrow down till the jaw. To give a more balanced look, cat-eye glasses, aviators, butterfly or shielded sunglasses can be tried out. Even sharper cornered glasses could work well.

5. Triangle face.


A bit different from the heart face, this face type is one where there is actually an angle at the bottom. For triangular faces, teardrop shaped glasses or anything that covers the top can balance out the face.

6. Diamond face.


Diamond faces are the ones with the cheekbones slightly wider than the forehead and jaw. To complement these wide cheekbones, rimless or oval shaped frames can be tried out and it should be kept in mind that the frames shouldn't be wider than your cheekbones.

Now that you know which sunglasses to wear, it's time to decide which ones to buy and keep in mind that investing once in these can go a long way for your eyes and their health!

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