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60 Best Hindi Songs For Weddings That Must Be On Your List.

Date: 2020-11-03 12:01:34

By Srishti

songs for weddings

A wedding is a special occasion and to make it perfect and memorable all of us are always on the lookout for a perfect wedding songs that matches the the occassion during the marriage functions. Selecting the songs for the guests on which they can dance to and make the wedding fun and energetic, we have a best list of Hindi songs.

To help you out with your confusion of which song to choose, we have put together a list of 60 popular dance songs that you can dance to during a wedding.

Bollywood Songs For Bride and Groom:

  1. Kar Gayi Chull:
  2. This peppy wedding song from the movie Kapoor and Sons, sung by Badshah, Fazilpuria, Sukriti Kakar and Neha Kakar is the go-to song if you want to have a hard time choosing a song to dance on during a Sangeet.

  3. Radha on the Dance floor:
  4. Sung by Shreya Ghoshal, Udit Narayan, Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani. Trust us, this one require oodles of dance movies! This wedding song from the movie Student of The Year is one song that everyone can groove on once it plays.

  5. Sweetheart:
  6. Dance to this most heard marriage song with your loved one and tell them that they are the sweetheart of your life and will always stay their sweetheart.

  7. Baari Barsi:
  8. This song from Band Baaja Baaraat is the best song for dancing on a Sangeet night, a combination of Bollywood and Punjabi authenticity is what you need to groove on this special night.

  9. Tenu Leke:
  10. This romantic song is the best for the groom to dance to and to tell the world that he will take her love away at whatever cost and make her his dream girl.

  11. Patola:
  12. Looking for a Punjabi song to groove on then this is it, the best for a groom to dance to this song is the perfect song if the groom looking for a Punjabi song to dance do.

  13. Mundiyan:
  14. This old Punjabi song with a remake of Bollywood tunes is what you are looking for to dance on and give a performance of your lifetime.

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  15. Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12:
  16. Dance to the beats of this old song with your boy gang and ask out your girl in a filmy style.

  17. Sadi Gali:
  18. From the movie Tanu Weds Manu, this Bollywood Punjabi song not only has a tune that reminds of weddings but is a song about lovers. Sung by Lehmber Hussainpuri this song is a must-play at a wedding.

    Hindi Wedding Songs For Friends and Guests:

  19. Dilli Wali Girlfriend:
  20. Looking for a song that you can dance to with your to-be-wife but want to tease her also then this the song you need to dedicate to her. The song is from the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and has been sung by Arijit Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan.

  21. Tunak Tunak Tun:
  22. The most iconic and old Punjabi song that has played over the years at wedding, sung by Daler Mehndi a wedding is incomplete without this song.

  23. Kala Chashma:
  24. Put on your kala chashmas and get funky and ready to dance on this Punjabi song full of up beats and groove to the song with your friends.

  25. Nachde Ne Saare:
  26. This energetic hindi wedding song is a perfect song for the wedding. Planning a performance with the entire family then this is your go-to song. From lyrics for the girl's side to dance on to lyrics for the boy's side to dance on, this is a family song that everyone can groove to.

  27. Khadke Glassy:
  28. Another Punjabi Bollywood song that you can dance to with your friends. The song is one such song that brings energy to the party and makes all the youngsters' groove to it.

  29. Tareefan:
  30. Finding a song to dance on with your bridesmaid, then this is the song to dance on. This is one of the best songs to dance on with your girls and bring out your inner divas.

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  31. London Thumakda:
  32. Another Bollywood Punjabi song that will definitely want everyone to get up a dance to its tune. The song has been sung by Labh Janjua, Sonu Kakkad, and Neha Kakkar from the movie Queen.

  33. Morni Banke:
  34. This peppy Punjabi song is one of the best songs if you want to dedicate one song to your to be wife. The song is such that it brings everyone together and changes the vibe of the wedding immediately.

  35. Dil Chori:
  36. A perfect Bollywood Punjabi song for the couple to dance on. The song is from the movie, Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety and has been sung by YoYo Honey Singh, Singha and Oye Sherra.

  37. Lehanga:
  38. This Punjabi song is the best for the bride to dance on if she plans on giving a performance, this song is full of beats and is very dance-worthy. The song has been sung by Jass Manak.

  39. Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna:
  40. This is not us, it you who is crying! #Emotional
    This song is one such song that is played at every wedding it depicts the scenario going on in a wedding and is one such song that everyone can groove their feet on.

  41. Joote Do Paise Lo:
  42. The perfect song to dance on for the bride and the groom's side, this song is a perfect representation of what goes on between the groomsmen and the bridesmaid.

    Romantic Dance Songs For Bride & Groom:

  43. Mauja Hi Mauja:
  44. This party song is full of dance beats and peppiness, as soon as this song plays the feet start to dance on their own and bring a lot of energy to the party.

  45. Sauda Khara Khara:
  46. This latest Bollywood Punjabi wedding song is full of energy and is very peppy and will make you groove with full energy and is the best for wedding parties.

  47. DJ Waley Babu:
  48. Even you cannot stay away from DJ wale babu for long? The grooviest party anthem is one song that you start to dance to there is no stopping, this song has been sung by Badshah and Aastha Gill and is a very peppy song.


  49. Saanjamji Ghar Aaye:
  50. This very famous song from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is the perfect song to be played at wedding functions. It is the best song for the bridesmaid to dedicate to the bride.

  51. Yeh Ladka Hai Allah:
  52. A meaningful hindi wedding song that is a great option for your bridal solo. This song from the famous movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham is one such song that along with being iconic is the best song for couples to dance on.

  53. Ghagra:
  54. From the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is a very peppy song, this song makes you want to groove while you are wearing a ghagra and is the best for dancing with your friends.

  55. Maahi Ve:
  56. A family that dances together stays together. A wedding special song that is full of beats and wants your entire family to dance to it whenever the song starts playing. This is another old and iconic song that is full of emotions and feelings.

  57. Gallan Goodiyaan:
  58. Yet another song that the entire family can dance on, this song is full of energy and makes the vibe of the place more energetic once you start dancing to it.

  59. Sweety Tera Drama:
  60. From the movie Bareilly Ki Barfi this song is yet another good song to dance with your friends on it is full of emotions and like the song says full of drama as well.

  61. Gal Mitthi Mitthi:
  62. This Bollywood romantic dance song is very this is another groovy song for you to dance with your friend squad it is very peppy and has a Punjabi beat to itself as well.

    Marriage Songs With The Parents, Friends & Family:

  63. Oh Ho Ho Ho (Remix):
  64. This is sog good hindi bollywood song to dance on with your 50+ fam! This iconic Punjabi song with its remake for a Bollywood movie is what people die to listen. This is yet another song without which a wedding is incomplete till it is played.

  65. Din Shagna Da:
  66. The entry of a bride during her wedding is something that everyone awaits to see and the perfect song for her arrival is this, this soft song is full of emotions and feelings and makes one cry for sure.

  67. Suit:
  68. The groom is looking for a song to perform on then this is the go-to song for him, full of feelings with a desi feeling this Punjabi song is the perfect combination for the groom to dance on.

  69. Gud Naal:
  70. This sweet Punjabi song perfect for a wedding, this song with authentic Punjabi beats is yet another song without a wedding is incomplete, a performance on this song is a must to make the house full of wedding vibes.

  71. Wakhra Swag:
  72. Want to show off your squads wakhra swag then plan performance on this song to fill up the room with your swag while grooving to the Punjabi beats of the song.

  73. Mumbai Delli Di Kudiyaan:
  74. For all the Mumbai and Delhi girls out there this is the perfect song to dedicate to your girl if she is from Mumbai or Delhi, full of energy this a song you should perform on.

  75. Koka:
  76. This Punjabi song full of energy is yet another song that you should play and groove to with everybody. The song is full of dancing beats and is best to dance on if you love Punjabi songs.

  77. Ghungroo:
  78. Whenever this song plays, no one in the wedding venue can stop themselves to dance to it. Put your ghungroos on and be ready to groove onto this beautiful and full of energy song. From the movie, War, this song is powerful and full of beats and will make you want to groove on it until the song ends.

  79. Proper Patola:
  80. The classic punjabi song is amazing for you to dance with your siblings and friends. Want to dedicate a song to you would be wife then groove to this song and let her know that she is the proper patola of your life and make her blush in a way that makes her feel special.

  81. Pehli Baar:
  82. Looking for a song to dance to like a couple then this soft full of beats song is the one to dance to and relive the moment you first met each other and fell in love.

  83. High Heels:
  84. Wear your high heels and groove to this upbeat song with your girls and bring out your inner stylists out and show the world that you can wear heels and dance and flaunt yourself.

    Hindi Songs For All The Beautiful Couples Tt The Wedding:

  85. Dil Diyan Gallan:
  86. Looking for a soft song to dance on with your partner then what can be better than a song putting forwards what your heart has and tell the world what you mean to each other.

  87. Enna Sona:
  88. Dear Groom! Make your girl feel she is on cloud 9 and dedicate your performance to her by groovin' on this wedding song. The perfect song to dance on with your partner is a very sweet and soft song that showcases the beauty of a wonderful bond that the wedding couple shares and lets you showcase how much you mean to each other.

  89. Raabta:
  90. This soft and loving song is another perfect song to dance to with your loved one, the lyrics of the song ‘Kehte Hai Khudane Es Jaha Mai Sabhi Ke leye Kisi na Kisi koh hai banaya har kise ke leye' are what moves you the most and makes you feel in love even more.

  91. Leja Re:
  92. Looking for a song for the bride to perform on solo, then this is one of the many songs that you can choose, this sweet and simple song is best for a soft dance on for a solo performance.

  93. Chogada:
  94. Looking for a hep Gujarati mixed with Bollywood song for dancing then here it is, full of upbeats this song is the best if you want to groove to it with your family.
    Dance like there is no tomorrow on this full of energy wedding song.

  95. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai:
  96. Play this groovy song by Badsha and let the world know that abhi toh humare party shuru hui hai and it is going to last a while.

  97. Aankh Marey:
  98. Get ready to perform with your boys on this hep song and let all the girls know how you are going to make them gush over them with your performance.

  99. Let's Nacho:
  100. Groove to the beats of this song with everyone and nacho till the party's not over, this mix of Bollywood and Punjabi beats is a song that can make anyone dance to its tunes.

  101. Prada (Duro Duro):
  102. Want to dance to a song with your friends, then this is the song to do so, the tunes will make you want to dance to every single lyric and beat of it and give a performance that everyone remembers.

  103. Lakk Mera Hit:
  104. Want to dance to authentic Punjabi beats along with a mixture of Bollywood then choose this song over everything and dance to it with your friends.

  105. Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan:
  106. Looking for a song to dance to with your girl gang and give a performance people will remember than dance to this song and set the dance floor on fire with your moves.

  107. Girls Like To Swing:
  108. Yet another song to dance to with your girls and showcase that you like to swing with your deadly dance moves.

  109. Ban Ja Rani:
  110. Best song for the groom and his friends to dance on while telling the bride to be the groom's queen forever.

  111. Cutiepie:
  112. Looking for a cute song to dedicate to your to be wife, this is your song, tell her how cute she looks for you and why you want her to be your cutie-pie.

  113. Badtameez Dil:
  114. Perform to this classy song and showcase some amazing moves on the beats of this song with your boys.

  115. Ainvayi Ainvayi:
  116. Groove to this Bollywood song with the steps of the song and change the vibe of the place and fill it with energy.

  117. Baby Doll:
  118. Dance to this perfect song from Ragini MMS 2 with your girls and tell the world how precious you are and channel your inner divas.

  119. Genda Phool:
  120. This song from Delhi 6 is the perfect pick for an authentic yet revamped wedding song to dance on to and make the wedding celebration even more special with this song.

    Groove to these songs, hand over this list to the DJ waaley Baabu to make the wedding a memorable one.


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