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7 Reasons Why Celebrities Private Life Must Be Respected | The Disadvantage Of Being A Celebrity.

Date: 2019-09-13 15:51:52

By Mansha


Who doesn't love our Bollywood and when it comes to the stars of Bollywood, they are the real stars of our nation. Their every move, gym outings, dinner outings or even hospital visits get the limelight and that's how celebrities' private life gets distracted.

There is always a flash on celebrities faces, their move gets followed by the media and their every activity is followed by the fans and this is the reason behind their plastic smile and sometimes their angry behavior, which is normal for any human being. With a lot of fame, there are disadvantages of being a celebrity also.

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If we can have a life of our own, then why can't they? Imagine, what if, your parents follow you everywhere you go! That will annoy you, No? So, just for the second, think about your favorite celebrity how difficult it is for them sometimes.

Reasons why Bollywood stars should have a life away from media and flash...

1. It affects their personal lives:

They can't be free in public because every activity gets famous in a second and sometimes, it is a bad publicity and reputation go on stake.

2. They get irritated sometimes:

How would you feel, if someone would follow you wherever you go? Annoying, right? It's human nature when someone tries to stop your life or routine in any manner. Try to give them time to live a normal life as we all do.

3. Their kid's lives get affected:

Because of all the limelight and over-importance, kids finds it hard to live a normal child's life as they become a celebrity automatically because of their DNA.

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4. Their family life gets disturbed:

Every family has drama, tears and fights, but that doesn't mean, the world has to know. Their every family drama gets famous in a Nanosecond because of which problems get worse instead of getting settled.

5. Their mistakes get highlighted easily:

What if they shout on a media person or fell off from the stage? They are human beings too, and have emotions. We should respect that and should give them time and ignore their faults as well.


6. Their reputation is always at stake:

Got clicked while smoking, making out with a partner or just wardrobe malfunction, their image can get easily disturbed in a day because of minor mistakes. What they have earned in years can get away in seconds, vulnerable to even imagine.

7. They need space too:

Alone time is the best time to think, work and breathe, but they hardly get that because of the media all around. Give them space to live a normal life. Let them think creatively by letting them free for days or months.

Think over it and imagine what they must be going through every day while we are just enjoying watching them suffer.


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