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7 Reasons Why It Hurts More When Your Friends Are Disloyal Than A Cheating Partner

Date: 2019-05-14 17:56:16

By Manveen

Breakups do suck and there is no doubt. Maybe "suck" is too short a word for what it feels like and how much it hurts, but guess what, what is worse than having a partner cheat on you? A friend who is dishonest to you. You can wage a war against the entire world if you have your best friend with you, but what if your first in line soldier decides to betray you?

Here are seven reasons why it hurts more when your friends are disloyal than a cheating partner:

1.) Backup.

When your partner gives you a lot of shit to deal with, parents pointlessly pressurize you and boss be a prick then you retorted to this one person who would make all your problems go away in a second and suddenly there comes a day when the same person becomes a new problem.

There is a problem with the best part of your life.


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2.) Trust.

It damages you forever, yes, you will overcome everything. That is the thing about time, it heals everything and it will heal you too but the scars do remain too. They won't hurt, but they will remind you every day of what your best friend did to you and you will find it difficult to trust somebody ever again.


3.) Nobody else to hang out with.

You have other friends, but there was a reason why your best friend was the best amongst all, nobody else can ever fill his shoes ever again. No matter, the fun or the adrenaline, it is not the same to hang out with others.


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4.) If this can sink, then how can anything else stay afloat?

You probably will blame the universe first, then god second and everything else also just in right time because if your strongest anchor can defy you then how can you know that anything else will stay intact? How can you be sure that you will be happy or nothing else will get messed up?


5.) The world seems dull, the sun shines lesser.

It will not be the same. Maybe with time, you will make another best friend and everything else but you will never trust the new best friend the same, or love the new best friend the same. There will be an unspoken distance.



6.) Self-doubt.

It would not matter who did what or who said what, you will blame each other alike. First the other person and then question yourself for your own behavior.


7.) Low Confidence level.

You probably trusted this person with your life and you thought you knew this person and then suddenly you were proven wrong so do you really know anything for sure? Probably you will doubt your own judgments too.


Never leave me alone, bestie!


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