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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Post Revealing Photos On Social Media.

Date: 2019-07-08 10:55:32

By Manveen

Everything inspires a debate, it is good and bad to everything that is how our brains have been wired but often we tend to share it with the world. While sharing your opinion is not an issue, it is imposing and most individuals fail to understand the difference between the two. Social media nowadays felt like a platform where you can come and hate on others and more often it is girls than boys who are affected by this situation be it their clothes, body, makeup, etc.

Here are seven reasons why you should not post revealing photos on social media:

1. Your love for your own body might make somebody feel uncomfortable. They might think that you are a broad-minded individual who is still able to love themselves even in this shaming-for-no-reason-at-all society and might be envious of you. How dare you make somebody envy you?



2. See, if you thought you looked good in a photo and it showed some skin like say your face or your hands then there is really no reason to post this. What? Did you look good? Listen, buddy, you only look good when you are covered head to toe like those Egyptian mummies. Anything lesser than that should stream on porn websites.


3. If something makes you look good, like say your skin it might also convince somebody else also that you look good and maybe somebody has not told this to you, but looking good and convincing somebody else also that you can look good is punishable law. So now that you know just beware!


4. If you post a photo in which you are wearing your swimsuit in a swimming pool or near a beach then what you have worn is completely wrong. No, nobody wears a swimsuit in a swimming pool, they just don't go together. The appropriate attire for a swimming pool is Salwar Kameez and for a beach it is a saree, so first get your fashion game right and post later.


5. When you post a photo that makes you look like you have zero fucks left for society, you are failing your society. Aryabhatta did not invent zero so that you give zero fucks to somebody else, he invented zero so you can add and multiply and distribute your fucks within the society. We are Indian and very generous when it comes to sharing, we should share all our fucks with great zeal.


6. All these feminists and all, they don't exist. This is something that the internet has made up on its own. Nobody cares about enabling you to wear what you want, where you want and how you want to. So, stop dressing the way you want to, get you Salwar Kameez ready.


7. Most importantly, how? How could you even think about posting a photo that even remotely shares your skin in the first place? You, A woman? How could you even have opinions? All this is a western influence and a good Indian woman would not even have an opinion in the first place. You must learn to succumb to everybody's abusive behavior around you; this is our way, the Indian way.


Now the next time onwards, society has a lot of expectations from you!

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