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7 Signs Your Crush Is Too Dumb To Get Your Signals.

Date: 2019-05-12 15:26:55

By TabloidXO Writers

It is not easy to admit that your crush is dumb because it indirectly also states that you are dumb too but admit it or not, you have to realize if your crush is actually worth all the time and effort or is he just another lost soul wandering Planet Earth?

Here are seven signs that your crush is too dumb to understand your signals.

1.) Your crush has no idea that you have a crush on him.

As clueless as a two year old, they hang out with you, text you day & night, send you memes, tag you in friendly posts are cannot even in their wildest dreams consider this possibility that you might have a crush on them.


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2.) Your crush thinks you care for him as a friend.

You two spend a lot of time together and you have sent multiple signals the other way but due to network or unknown errors those signals clearly have not been received and which is why the two of you are still just friends.


3.) Your crush thinks you take time out for them because either you are a completely jobless person or a good one to do so.

Your crush is of the opinion, that because you are such a kind and genuine person you are always at their beck and call, no not because there is an ulterior motive but simply out of the goodness of your heart, you slave for them.


4.) Your crush talks about their crush to you.

Boy, would not this one hurt like a prick twisted several times in your heart?
Can you imagine shipping somebody like religion only for them to be oblivious to you and your feelings and discuss the third party?


5.) Your crush is of the opinion that you are seeing somebody else.

You might not have said so but because you did not say anything your crush assumed that you are seeing somebody else and simply is just not a person who talks about their private life.


6.) Your crush is too self-absorbed to even notice.

Your crush probably is pretty pleased with himself to ever even look around and see that there is a person who responds back the next moment they text brings waffles to their the door at twelve, takes their dog for a walk, tries being friends with all their friends, just so they can be in your good books and not even spend a second to consider that what if, maybe if not in this universe but a parallel one you might have a crush on them?


7.) Even if you will go say it, your crush will find it hard to believe that you have had a crush on him or her.

Maybe somewhere in the hearts of your heart even you know that if you go and vomit all your feelings out your crush will stand there nonchalant finding it hard to understand that all this time you had a crush on them.


Wake up, Crush! He/she wants to hear YES from you.

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